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Two Wrecks in One Hour and the Importance of Insurance

Dan Brian   |  August 28, 2015   |  

A man was involved in 2 collisions within an hour of each other Thursday, according to an article in the Goldsboro Daily News.  The State Highway Patrol has implied that both were the result of the man’s failure to control his vehicle, and that a medical condition may have been involved.

In our practice, we find that a significant number of collisions are caused by a driver who has been at fault in more than one prior accidents.  Put simply, there are a lot of repeat offenders.  Some are the result of medical conditions, and others are just the result of poor driving abilities.  Many more are the result of drivers who repeatedly engage in distracted driving, such as driving and texting.

Unfortunately, we find that such drivers also fit into another pattern: they carry no or too little insurance.  If you are injured by a driver with no insurance or little insurance, you can find yourself in a very bad situation.  Many clients are actually shocked to learn that insurance policies have caps on what they can pay out; they simply assume that when you are hurt, you recover based on your injuries.  But the sad truth is that if there is no insurance to collect from, seriously injured people can recover little in proportion to their injuries.  That is why we tell people every day: it is very important for everyone to carry Medpay (Medical Payments coverage) and UM/UIM (Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist coverage).  These insurance coverages protect you in case you are hurt by a driver without enough insurance to cover your losses.

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