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Distraction May Have Been Factor in Smithfield Auto Accident

Dan Brian   |  December 18, 2014   |  

Authorities say that a woman who was killed in a car accident on Buffalo Road near Booker Dairy Road Dec. 7 may have drifted across several lanes right before the crash took place.

The woman was identified as Crystal Annette Capps, 42, of Smithfield.

While the investigation is still pending, this tragic auto accident is a stinging reminder of the dangers of driving distractedly.

Distracted driving can refer to many different preoccupations behind the wheel: fiddling with the vehicle’s radio, talking to passengers, checking email or texting, among many others.

One of the most common distractions drivers face has to do more with the way we live our lives today than any other. Constant access to our smartphones and tablets makes ignoring them difficult, even for a short period of time—and even while we drive.

National statistics on texting and driving show that it’s a deadly habit, with 3,328 people killed in distraction-related crashes in 2012. The dangers of driving without focusing on the road have been well publicized, but sometimes it takes a tragedy to remind us that nothing can replace common sense and vigilance.

As the holiday season progresses and the roads get busier, Riddle & Brantley would like to remind all drivers to take care. Slow down, drive cautiously, and obey all signs and signals to keep you, and your passengers, safe as the year winds down.

Were you harmed in an auto accident where the other driver was distracted? You could have a right to file a claim for compensation against the party who caused you pain.