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Drunk Driving Collisions Can Lead to Suits Against More Than the Driver

Dan Brian   |  July 15, 2015   |  

An article on WRAL.com discusses a recent instance where a drunk driving collision lead to criminal charges against more than the at-fault driver.  Charges were initially filed against numerous individuals involved in serving the driver, including an ABC store employee, a caterer of a party, and the family who hosted the party.  While most of the criminal charges have been dismissed, the issue raises an important point.  If someone is injured as the result of a drunk driver, it may not only be the driver who is liable.  In a perfect world, the driver would have plenty of assets or insurance to compensate the injured person or persons hurt in the collision.  But in reality, the injuries often exceed the available insurance coverage.  Many people are shocked to learn that if you are hurt by someone who did not carry enough insurance, there may not be enough money available to even pay off the incurred medical expenses.  Unfortunately it happens all the time.

In those instances, our attorneys at Riddle & Brantley begin searching for other pockets.  Often, this takes the form of other insurance policies.  Drunk drivers might have more than one policy in their household, and typically policies stack on top of one another.  But sometimes, investigation leads to a belief that others besides the drunk driver were also complicit in the drunk driver’s car accident.  Our firm boasts several skilled investigators and lawyers who have experience with drunk driving collisions.  Their bios are all posted to our website, so our clients can know we take their claims seriously.