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Powdered Alcohol & Teens: A Bad Mix?

Dan Brian   |  April 10, 2015   |  

An intoxicating new product is raising its fair share of controversy. While powdered alcohol is scheduled to become available to consumers in the summer of 2015. Some states are already moving to ban the product.

The chairman of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission wrote a letter to lawmakers, saying he worries the new product will encourage underage drinking.

As the name implies, palcohol is a dry product that can be mixed with liquid to create an alcoholic beverage. It comes in a variety of flavors including margarita and lemon drop.

Palcohol opponents find numerous problems with the product, including:

  • Flavors might be appealing to underage drinkers
  • Powdery substance can be snorted
  • Powdered alcohol can be used to spike someone’s drink
  • It’s easier to conceal a pouch of powder and sneak it into some places than it is a bottle
  • Multiple pouches can be mixed with liquid alcohol for a super-concentrated beverage

The creator of the product dismisses concerns about widespread abuse and what he calls unwarranted hysteria. He says he designed product for situations, like camping or hiking, when carrying bottles of alcohol may be a burden.

Legally, only those 21 and older could buy powdered alcohol, but critics say that doesn’t prevent young people from abusing the product.

Still, experts worry the convenience of the packets could encourage over-consumption of alcohol, as well as accidents caused by intoxication, such as drunken driving.

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