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Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Update: Can Veterans File Claims Yet?

Gene Riddle   |  April 5, 2017   |  

Our law firm is dedicated to our nation's veteransOn multiple occasions, we have brought the Camp Lejeune water contamination story to the attention of our readers, both on our blog and via our social media pages. Our latest update of this ongoing story involves veterans finally being allowed to file Camp Lejeune water contamination claims. Per WRAL-TV, as of March 14, veterans who were the victims of water contamination could begin filing compensation claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

How Do Veterans File Water Contamination Claims?

Before submitting a Camp Lejeune water contamination claim, it is a good idea for victims and their families to sit down with or talk to an experienced VA benefits attorney.

During that initial meeting, which many attorneys offer for free, people can have their questions answered, learn their legal rights and have the filing process explained in detail, including any pitfalls they could face and how to avoid them. In some cases, veterans can have their initial application for benefits denied, which means they will have to go through the appeals process to secure compensation which can take several months and even years. Successfully appealing a benefits denial can be extremely difficult without the assistance of a disability benefits attorney.

For more information about applying for Camp Lejeune water contamination compensation and what to do if your application is denied, continue to explore our website, including visiting the webpage we set up for Camp Lejeune veterans and their families.