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“What If I Don’t Know Who Hit Me in a Car Accident?”

Riddle Brantley LLP   |  September 25, 2020   |  

People should own up to their mistakes and that is particularly true in hit-and-run car accidents. It is a horrible experience when a driver is hit by a car, and the other car takes off, never stopping to see if anyone is injured or killed. In these instances, many of our clients wonder “What if I don’t know who hit me in a car accident?”

What If I Dont Know Who Hit Me in a Car Accident - Riddle & BrantleyWhen a driver hits someone and flees the accident scene, they leave the victims in a terrible position. The driver and passengers left behind could be confused and in shock after the accident knowing someone just took off. Who will pay for the damages and medical bills? What should the victim do next? This may be only the beginning of the driver’s problems.

In this blog post we’ll answer the question, “What if I don’t know who hit me in a car accident?”, and also explain what you can do to seek justice and compensation for your injuries.

What is a “Hit and Run”?

If another driver hits your vehicle and flees the scene without offering aid, notifying authorities, or leaving their name, contact information and insurance information, this is called a “hit and run.”

With these cases it can be difficult to investigate your claim, and locating the responsible driver does not always mean you will get compensation. Under North Carolina law, a “hit and run” is a criminal offense. If the driver who hit you is intoxicated or causes serious bodily injury or death, the driver may face very serious criminal charges, including jail time.

When you drive anywhere on public roadways there is an increased risk of someone hitting your vehicle and leaving the scene. Hit and run crashes and fatalities are on the rise. Research from AAA shows that an estimated 737,100 hit and run crashes occurred in 2015. That means there is a hit and run accident approximately every 43 seconds on average in the United States.

What to Do After a Hit and Run Car Accident

If your vehicle was damaged and you were not driving and no passengers were in the car at the time, you are probably only looking at an automobile damage claim. If someone is kind enough to leave a note behind, be sure to contact this person and get all the information you can about the accident. Unfortunately, some people will leave a bogus note in case others are watching. It is important in either case to call the local authorities even if the person gives you all his or her insurance information.

The police report will contain basic facts about the accident, including where the accident took place, who was involved, damage to the vehicle, and a diagram of the accident. You will probably have to show this report to your insurance company even if you are unsure of who hit you in order to file a claim and get your vehicle fixed. If the driver who hit your vehicle is not identified, it may be your responsibility to cover the deductible to get your car fixed.

“What do I do if I don’t know who hit me in a car accident?”

How to Recover Compensation in a Hit and Run Accident - Riddle & BrantleyOnce a driver has left the scene of an accident, it is difficult to track down who was responsible. Many of these hit-and-run cases are never solved. Finding a single vehicle in a heavy populated area may be next to impossible. Even if there are witnesses or physical evidence that can help the police find the likely culprit, it is still a difficult task.

In the event someone is charged with hit and run, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this person is guilty. If someone is found guilty or at fault, they still may never be held responsible for the damages they caused. The same reasons that compelled them to leave the scene of an accident can make recovering damages unlikely. They may not have liability insurance and have little in the way of assets that could be used for compensating their victims.

“What can I do to help my case after a hit and run car accident?”

Hit and run victims should do whatever they can to assist the police in finding the other person involved in the accident.

After a hit and run car accident, be sure to follow these tips:

  • If you get a good look, report the vehicle’s color, size, make, model, and license plate along with anything else you can remember. Do you remember which way the vehicle was traveling and where it came from?
  • Document any injuries and property damage with photos (this can help connect the impact damage between both vehicles).
  • Gather contact information and statements from any potential eyewitnesses.
  • Write everything down as soon as possible so you don’t forget anything.

If you don’t know who hit you in a car accident, it may take weeks or months to solve your case. Don’t get discouraged. You may have options for recovering damages from suspects if they are found.

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