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$305,000 Settlement – Truck Accident & Workers’ Compensation

$305K   |  Truck Accident | Workers' Compensation   |  March 31, 2020

Settlement: $305,000

Attorney: Donald Dunn

Our client was a passenger in a small commercial truck rear-ended by an 18-wheeler on I-85 near Concord. Client suffered a low back injury which led to a disc herniation. Surgical repair was required. Client was not able to return to work as a roofer for his employer after the wreck. Unfortunately, prior to the wreck, our client ran a yard mowing business on the side. For several years prior to the wreck he had filed tax returns showing consistent large losses with no taxable income. Client continued the mowing business while collecting temporary total disability benefits from workers’ compensation which is not allowed. We filed suit on his third party claim against the trucker and pursued his workers’ compensation case simultaneously. We settled the workers’ comp case for $80,000 and later settled the third party case for $225,000. Total compensation received for client was $305,000.