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$325,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

$325K   |  Workers' Compensation   |  March 30, 2020

Settlement: $325,000.00

Attorney: Chris Brantley

A utility worker suffered twisting foot injury requiring physical therapy, occupational therapy, prosthetic shoe inserts, injections, surgical removal of Morton’s neuroma and pain management. The injured worker suffered chronic pain and numbness in his foot and was unable to return to the full heavy weight-bearing required in his job. The plaintiff also required a period of pain management and nerve medications to treat his foot condition and a functional capacity evaluation to determine permanent restrictions. He turned to Riddle & Brantley’s North Carolina workers’ comp attorneys for help.

The workers’ compensation carrier paid for all medical bills and workers’ compensation disability benefits for the duration of the Plaintiff’s recovery. The case was resolved through negotiations between Plaintiff and Defense counsel for $325,000 plus all Industrial Commission expenses. Plaintiff was able to access pension and health insurance benefits following settlement of the claim.


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