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School Crosswalk Accident

$700K   |  Pedestrian Accident   |  January 2, 2017

Settlement: $700,000

Attorney: Gene Riddle

Two seventh grade boys were hit by a car right in front of their school when they attempted to cross the road in the crosswalk under the direction of a green walk arrow. The boys were hit by a car driven by an undocumented immigrant that ran a red light for his direction of travel. The boys suffered serious injuries. One boy suffered a fractured leg. The other boy suffered a brain injury and some paralysis.

Gene Riddle personally handled these cases and monitored the criminal prosecution of the defendant driver who was convicted and was deported. Gene personally went to court for the families of the two injured boys to make sure that the defendant was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, Mr. Riddle made a claim against the school based on the teacher/crosswalk attendant guard negligently failing to direct the students in the crosswalk while crossing the street in front of the school. The school denied any liability but at mediation of the cases settled with the guardians for the students.

One student settled for $125,000 and the other for $575,000. The student that suffered the brain injury incurred several hundred thousand dollars of medical expenses. Boy students were dependents of military families and Tricare paid for the medical bills. Mr. Riddle worked diligently with Tricare and persuaded Tricare to significantly reduce its liens on both cases. Mr. Riddle also helped set up a Special Needs Trust for one boy so he would qualify for medical assistance in the future.

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