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Confidential – Bicycle Accident – Policy Limits

Conf.   |  Bicycle Accident   |  November 10, 2020

Settlement: Limits of Policy

Attorney: Gene Riddle

Our client was riding his bicycle on a highway late at night in a non-lit dark area with no front or rear lights on his bike. He was hit from behind by a car whose driver claimed he did not see the bicycle. The investigating officer took the auto driver’s side and indicated that our client was at fault for being in the highway at night with no front or rear lights or reflective devices. We completed a thorough investigation, but no witnesses were located. The insurance company initially denied the claim as its driver was not charged.  We argued that despite the lack of lighting on the bike and the area, the driver of the car did not drive within the radius of his headlights. We finally convinced the insurance coverage to tender its policy limits and settled the claim. The amount of settlement is confidential as well as the names of the parties and insurance company.