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$2.75M Settlement: Truck Accident & Workers’ Comp

$2.75M   |  Truck Accident | Workers' Compensation   |  February 3, 2021

Settlement: $2,750,000

Attorneys: Gene Riddle and Adam Smith

A 46 year old male was severely injured by a tractor-trailer in a construction zone while working for his employer, a construction company. Defendant driver of tractor trailer ran off the road and struck the employee in the work zone. Our client suffered fractures in his ribs and 2 in his spine but lost his right leg just below the knee. His average weekly wage was approximately $650. The tractor trailer company denied the claim so suit was filed. The workers compensation carrier agreed at mediation to pay $2,000,000 plus all total disability wage losses from the date of the accident and all medical bills. The carrier also waived its lien so no money was reimbursed to his the workers compensation carrier from the settlement with the truck company. After filing suit and some discovery the truck company, at mediation, agreed to pay its limits of $750,000 for a total recovery of $2,750,000.