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Motorcycle Accident – $500,000 Settlement

$500K   |  Motorcycle Accident   |  April 14, 2021

Settlement: $500,000

Our client was riding his motorcycle when an SUV turned left from a side street into client’s path. Our client made evasive maneuvers but the SUV still crashed into our client, causing severe injuries.

Our client suffered a comminuted fracture of the lower leg, a clavicle fracture, and a fractured vertebrate in his neck. After extensive medical care, including surgery, he made a good recovery.

The client’s total medical bills were approximately $95,000. After much investigation into insurance coverage we found one liability policy and two underinsured policies, totaling $500,000.

After passing the case through multiple adjusters and managers, the insurance companies did not offer more than the $250,000. We demanded arbitration and we were able to secure the tender of the full amount of all policies, $500,000.