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$1,000,000 Settlement – Motorcycle Accident

$1M   |  Motorcycle Accident   |  June 1, 2019

Settlement: $1,000,000

Attorney: Gene Riddle 

Our client was riding his motorcycle on a service road in Goldsboro when another driver turned in front of him and hit him.  He was thrown 15 feet and the other driver was charged with the accident.

Injuries:  fracture of left distal radius, closed right humeral fracture, right shoulder hemiarthroplasty, pelvis fracture, non-displaced posterior left acetabular roof and posterior column fracture and bladder rupture.

Treatment: Multiple surgeries on Left arm, rotator cuff surgery.

Settlement:  $1,000,000 which were the limits of the insurance policy insuring the at fault party.Riddle & Brantley secured a $30,000 settlement for an injured motorcycle rider after the insurance company initially denied the claim.

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