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Pedestrian Accident & Traumatic Brain Injury

$1.62M   |  Pedestrian Accident   |  November 25, 2020

Settlement: $1,625,000

Riddle and Brantley were not the initial attorneys hired on this claim. The client hired an out of state law firm who associated us to help them with this case. A 36-year-old unmarried young woman was crossing a busy but well lit 10 lane road in Raleigh at night and was hit by a car. She suffered serious injuries including a fractured pelvis and a traumatic brain injury. The insurance carrier for the driver claimed that its driver was not negligent and that our client was liable for her own injuries and prohibited from recovery under the legal defense of contributory negligence. Mediation was set up between the parties. The out of state law firm called Gene Riddle and the client hired Riddle and Brantley to help with the mediation. Our firm led the investigation into this pedestrian accident even though the case was over a year and a half old. We hired an accident reconstructionist, reviewed the investigating officers’ reports and obtained statements from all available witnesses. We claimed that the driver had the last clear chance to avoid the accident and failed to do so. Medical bills exceeded $500,000 but most were paid by health insurance that did not have a claim for reimbursement. The case was settled at mediation for $1,625,000, despite the previous position from the insurance company that our client was negligent in walking across the busy road at night.