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Confidential Settlement – Premises Liability

Conf.   |  Fire Damage | Premises Liability   |  October 7, 2017

We recently settled a case for the family of an elderly woman whose home and contents burned in a fire. The family believed that a home healthcare aid had caused the fire. Unfortunately, their mother was in very poor health and was unable to communicate to describe how the fire occurred. We retained an expert fire Reconstructionist who determined that the fire was started by a cigarette most likely dropped by a home health care worker.

However, the health care company secured their own expert who determined that the fire was either caused by faulty wiring or failure of the structure to comply with building codes.

The health care company expressed regret over the fire and agreed to mediate the case pre-suit. We were able to settle the claims for damages to the home, contents and injury under the terms of a confidential agreement.

Handling Attorneys: Adam Smith and Gene Riddle