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How Do I Evacuate with Pets During a Disaster?

November 16, 2016   |  
Our state is still recovering following Hurricane Matthew, including massive amounts of property damage, injuries, and fatalities. We blogged about what you can do for help if you’re struggling in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Looking back, one subject we didn’t cover, either as the hurricane approached or after it...
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Getting Help with Homeowner Insurance Claims After Hurricane Matthew

November 15, 2016   |  
Many homes in North Carolina were damaged or destroyed when Hurricane Matthew swept through last month. If you have hurricane damage to your home or need help with a home damage insurance claim, you may be relieved to discover that you could be entitled to money for property damage in...
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Team Riddle & Brantley Raises Over $2,000 for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s

November 14, 2016   |  
Following up a previous blog post about this event, on November 5, our attorneys and staff participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s for the Johnston County region. We are proud to announce that Team Riddle & Brantley raised $2,001.72 for the fight against Alzheimer’s. We would like to give...
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Greenlight A Vet This Veterans Day

November 10, 2016   |  
Greenlight A Vet is a nationwide campaign to show visible support for our country’s armed forces by changing one light in your home to green. After that, you can map your light on Greenlight A Vet’s website. This is great way to show our vets how much we appreciate the...
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FEMA and Insurance Claims for Natural Disasters

October 24, 2016   |  
Recently, Hurricane Matthew struck North Carolina and caused devastating flood damage to parts of eastern and central North Carolina.  Land as far inland as Raleigh was completely inundated with flooding, and areas saw flooding envelop roads, highways, homes, and vehicles.  Our firm’s Raleigh office is located next to Crabtree Valley...
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Cyclists Hit in Cary, NC

October 18, 2016   |  
On Monday evening, a Morrisville man was driving down High House Road at the intersection of Old Apex Road when he hit a group of four cyclists before leaving the scene. Two women were taken to the hospital with serious injuries and the other two cyclists were uninjured. Anyone who...
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How Far Would You Go to Keep Your Dogs Safe During a Hurricane?

October 17, 2016   |  
Hurricane Matthew hit our state hard and many of us are still struggling to pick up the pieces of our lives in Matthew’s wake. However, many of our four-legged friends have it just as bad as we do, losing their homes, getting separated from their families and just struggling to...
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Guess Whose Team Is One of the Top Fundraisers for Walk to End Alzheimer’s? Riddle & Brantley!

October 14, 2016   |  
The personal injury attorneys and staff at Riddle & Brantley have formed a team to participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event taking place in Johnston County on November 5. As of this writing, our team is the number two fundraiser in the area at $1,901.72, which is less...
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Tips for What You Should Do After a Hurricane

October 10, 2016   |  
The Red Cross provides several tips for what people should do after a hurricane, including but not limited to the following: Stay tuned to news and weather reports concerning the hurricane and its aftermath. If you had to evacuate, do not return home until authorities say that it is safe...
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North Carolina’s Senate Proposes Plan to Overhaul the State’s Medicaid System

May 1, 2016   |  
The North Carolina State Senate recently proposed a bill which would overhaul the state’s struggling Medicaid system. The Senate’s yearly budget meetings turned into an intervention aimed at correcting the Medicaid system’s massively overinflated budget. North Carolina’s current Medicaid budget is at $14 billion dollars, up from $8 billion dollars ten...
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