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Drunk Driving Accidents

Can You Sue a Drunk Driver in North Carolina?

Can you sue a drunk driver in North Carolina?   You may think that a drunk driver’s DWI is handled in criminal court.  However, there are civil remedies against a drunk or impaired driver too for the damages or injuries he causes. A car accident carries the possibility of injury...
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Personal Injury Lawsuit Waiting to Happen? Waze Shares Drunk Driving Checkpoints

According to The New York Times, the Google navigation app Waze is providing real-time, user-submitted reports that advise drivers about potential drunken-driving checkpoints on their roadsides. The app marks the location of police officers on the roads ahead or stationed at drunk driving checkpoints. This feature has Waze in conflict...
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How Driving Drowsy Can Be More Dangerous Than Driving Drunk

November 6, 2018   |  
It’s a universally accepted fact that driving drunk is dangerous and has a high risk of leading to accidents. Many people don’t recognize is that driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous, if not more so, as driving under the influence of alcohol. Multitudes of Americans get less than...
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Tips to Help Avoid Drunk Driving Accidents

July 20, 2018   |  
More than thirty percent of all auto accidents are caused by drunk driving. What’s even more alarming is someone dies as a result of alcohol-impaired driving every forty-eight minutes in the United States according to the Center for Disease Control. Alcohol makes driving very dangerous by impairing judgment and slowing...
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Are Holiday Party Hosts Liable for Drunk Driving Accidents?

December 15, 2017   |  
Are you planning to throw a holiday party for your employees, family members or friends? If you are going to be serving alcohol at this party, then you should be aware that you could be held liable if one of your guests harms themselves or another person in a drunk...
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Did Drunk Driving Lead to Deadly Wreck Involving UNC Student?

May 29, 2017   |  
Earlier this year, WTVD-TV reported on a fatal wreck involving a UNC student and her boyfriend. Both the UNC student, who attended UNC Charlotte, and her boyfriend were 18 years old. The teenagers were killed in the crash, which happened as they were traveling on US Route 74 in Lumberton,...
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Drunk Driver Responsible for a Deadly Franklin County Pedestrian Wreck?

A Franklin County pedestrian wreck resulted in the death of a 7-year-old boy. According to WRAL-TV, the deadly crash happened a little before 9 pm on a Monday night on Darius Pearce Road. Prior to the incident, the boy wandered away from home. His family as well as neighbors searched...
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What Is North Carolina Doing to Get Drunk Drivers Off the Road?

May 15, 2017   |  
The Goldsboro News-Argus published an article recently regarding the results of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program’s Booze It & Lose It enforcement campaign. The campaign is held every year and lasts four weeks. The purpose of the enforcement campaign is to get drunk drivers off the roads before they hurt...
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How Does North Carolina’s New Drunk Boating Law Work?

March 22, 2017   |  
At the end of last year, a new North Carolina drunk boating law was enacted, which will make the penalties for operating a boat while intoxicated similar to those for driving a car or truck while under the influence. Will Changes to North Carolina’s Drunk Boating Law Help Prevent Accidents?...
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Why Did a Driver Flee the Scene of a Wayne County Wreck?

The Goldsboro News-Argus recently reported about a Wayne County wreck where one driver fled the scene claiming he was an undocumented immigrant. Reportedly, the hit-and-run crash was one of three separate collisions that occurred during a three-minute span in Wayne County that day. However, it was the only traffic accident...
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