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Nursing Home Abuse

When Can You Sue for Negligence at a Nursing Home?

August 19, 2018   |  
Many nursing home patients need constant attention, both physically and mentally. Although this is the attention our loved ones deserve, it may not always be the treatment they receive. Studies indicate that between one and two million Americans over the age of 65 have been victims of neglect and or...
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How Has a Law Change Made It Easier to Sue for Nursing Home Abuse?

November 1, 2016   |  
In late September, the Health and Human Services Department issued a rule that will make it easier for nursing home abuse victims to pursue claims against certain long-term care facilities. According to The New York Times, prior to this rule change, many nursing homes could avoid being held accountable for...
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Examples of Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits in North Carolina

February 8, 2016   |  
It can be difficult to know when a loved one is showing signs of nursing home abuse or neglect. While it can be hard to think about the risks of elder abuse when you have a parent or a grandparent in a nursing home or assisted-living facility in North Carolina,...
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