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March 5, 2016   |  
According to South Carolina’s Supreme Court, LegalZoom has not engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. This comes after the South Carolina Supreme Court adopted the findings of Circuit Judge Clifton Newman who found that the practices of company did not violate state law. South Carolina’s Supreme Court is the...
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Consequences of Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License in North Carolina

November 23, 2015   |  
The loss of one's driving privileges can wreak havoc on a person's life. Oftentimes, we don't realize how essential a driver's license is to our day-to-day activities, until it is suddenly lost. How will you get to work? Who will take the children to school? Without a driver's license you...
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Government Set to Crack Down on Drones

October 20, 2015   |  
According to an article on ABC11.com, the federal government has reversed course and is announcing plans to create a registry system for operators of drones and other unmanned aircraft.  The FAA had previously stated it would not create such a registry, but reversed course after news of several near-misses between...
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Volkswagon Fix Could Cost Billions if Lawsuit Succeeds

October 20, 2015   |  
In the aftermath of revelations that Volkswagon rigged its diesel vehicles to beat emissions tests, there continues to be speculations as to how the company will respond.  The New York Times published a detailed article yesterday explaining that the company has no means to force vehicle owners to comply with any plans...
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Allegations of Sex Abuse at Goldsboro Boys & Girls Club

October 16, 2015   |  
WRAL.com reports that a Wayne County man has been arrested and charged in connection with two sexual assaults that allegedly occurred at a Goldsboro Boys & Girls Club during the summer of 2014.   The man was reportedly an employee of the club at the time and was fired after the staff...
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Understanding Suicide – and What You Can Do to Prevent It

September 1, 2015   |  
When an individual commits suicide, it has a devastating impact on the family and friends left behind. Following a suicide, those close to the individual who took his or her own life are often left wondering why they didn't see the signs earlier, what they could have done differently, and...
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State Employees Worker’s Comp Checks on Hold Across NC

July 24, 2015   |  
The ABC11 I-team is reporting on a problem that many of our clients have become all-to-aware of: many worker's comp claimants across the state have not received their weekly disability checks due to CorVel being replaced as the administrator for many North Carolina state employees' workers compensation claims.  Sedgwick took over...
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How to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Summer Heat

July 13, 2015   |  
Summer temperatures can get extremely hot here in North Carolina for people and their pets. Unless certain precautions are taken to keep your pet cool, the summer heat could cause your pet to become irritable due to discomfort, burn its paws on the hot ground, suffer heat exhaustion, get dehydrated...
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Filing Early For Social Security Can Pay Off

May 22, 2015   |  
While experts say most people should wait until they reach full retirement age to apply for social security, there are 3 instances where it can be worthwhile to apply early.  For the full story click here.
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Zofran Was Not Approved for Use During Pregnancy

March 13, 2015   |  
In the following video, Gene Riddle, founder of Riddle & Brantley, discusses the latest dangerous drug making news. Zofran was prescribed to women who were experiencing serious bouts of morning sickness, unfortunately, the drug was not approved by the FDA for use during pregnancy. If you or someone you love...
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