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Pedestrian Accidents

Is There a Way to Prevent Drivers from Running School Bus Stop Signs?

How can drivers be prevented from running school bus stop signs? You know, the stop sign that the bus driver puts out just before it stops to let kids get on or off the bus. How anyone could miss this is a huge mystery because lights are flashing all over...
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What Types of Driving Mistakes Lead to Pedestrian Accidents?

January 4, 2017   |  
Recently, a 12-year-old boy in Fayetteville suffered severe injuries when he was hit by a Honda CR-V while he was walking near Rosehill Road around 4 pm on a Friday. According to WRAL-TV, as with many pedestrian accidents, the person on foot took the most punishment in the wreck. While...
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Hit by a Driver Without a License While Walking? Here’s What to Do

December 19, 2016   |  
In early December, a fatal pedestrian accident in Asheville left two children dead and an elderly woman hospitalized. Per the Goldsboro News-Argus, the incident happened around 6:15 pm. As the woman and the two kids, a 5-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy, were crossing the street at an intersection, they were...
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What Should I Do If a Car Hits Me or a Loved One While We’re Walking?

December 12, 2016   |  
A 34-year-old mother lost her life recently in a Johnston County pedestrian accident, per a WRAL-TV report. The woman’s 8-year-old son was also hit by the same car that claimed her life. While he is expected to recover, he suffered severe injuries, including a broken jaw. The woman’s 7-year-old daughter...
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Is It Safe to Ride My Bike in Downtown Raleigh?

October 17, 2016   |  
According to The News & Observer, over 200 bicyclists participated in the Capital Area Ride for Safety (CARS) in late September. The event’s name is abbreviated as CARS to point out what the cyclists believe to be the greatest threat to their safety. The purpose of the ride was to...
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North Carolina’s Serious Pedestrian & Bicycle Accident Problem

March 30, 2016   |  
The biggest threat to bicyclists and pedestrians on North Carolina’s roads are cars. Motor vehicles, which weigh thousands of pounds and can crush a body within seconds, continue to endanger those on their bikes and on their feet in North Carolina and other areas of the U.S. Pedestrians and cyclists have the...
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Pedestrian Accident Deaths Are on the Rise in North Carolina

March 10, 2016   |  
According to a recent article in on ABC11 News 2015 is expected to see the largest increase in pedestrian deaths since national statistics began being reported. The jump, a projected 10%, was not slight and is clearly not a statistic error. The article cites a new report release on Tuesday, March 8, 2016...
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How to Determine Fault in Accidents Involving Cars and Pedestrians

August 17, 2015   |  
Determining fault in a car accident is not always a simple task, particularly when the accident involves cars and pedestrians. In some instances, it may be the driver of the vehicle who is at fault, while in other cases it could be the pedestrian who is partially or wholly to...
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