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Bayer Asks Supreme Court to Strike Down $25 Million Roundup Verdict

August 23, 2021   |  
Bayer has asked the Supreme Court to reverse a $25 million verdict in a recent Roundup lawsuit, arguing that the Roundup chemical glyphosate is safe to use and therefore the company did not have to warn consumers. Bayer also argued that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allowed inappropriate testimony...
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Roundup Verdict Upheld: Bayer Must Pay $87 Million in Roundup Lawsuit

August 20, 2021   |  
A California appeals court upheld an $87 million verdict against Bayer in a lawsuit alleging that Roundup caused plaintiffs’ cancer. The loss is yet another setback for Bayer in ongoing Roundup lawsuits. The company recently announced it was setting aside another $4.5 billion for anticipated legal costs and potential settlements....
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Bayer to Stop Selling Roundup for Residential Use in 2023

August 3, 2021   |  
On July 29th, 2021, pharmaceutical and agricultural giant Bayer announced that they would stop selling glyphosate-based products, including popular weed killer Roundup, to residential consumers starting in 2023. This is part of a five-point plan to reduce the risk of future Roundup lawsuits surrounding allegations that exposure to Roundup and...
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Bayer Sets Aside $4.5 Billion for Potential Roundup Settlements

July 30, 2021   |  
Roundup Lawsuit Costs Continue to Pile Up for Bayer Bayer faces potentially massive costs in thousands of Roundup lawsuits. On July 29, the company announced that it was setting aside an additional $4.5 billion to cover the ongoing litigation and potential settlements and/or verdicts. Bayer has already set aside roughly...
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Roundup Compensation: What Can Victims Expect?

July 3, 2020   |  
Do you qualify for Roundup compensation?  In the aftermath of the mid-2020 announcement that Bayer will pay more than $10 billion to settle thousands of Roundup lawsuits, many victims are wondering about potential Roundup compensation. What exactly might victims be entitled to? IMPORTANT: There are no guarantees concerning potential compensation...
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“Do I Qualify for a Roundup Settlement or Lawsuit?”

July 3, 2020   |  
Do you or a loved one qualify for a Roundup settlement or lawsuit? Roundup manufacturer Bayer faces more than 120,000 Roundup lawsuits alleging that the world’s most popular weed killer causes cancer, including non-Hodgkins lymphoma. In mid-2020 the company agreed to pay more than $10 billion to settle many of...
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Roundup Settlement Amounts: What Can Victims Expect?

June 26, 2020   |  
In the wake of Bayer’s announcement that it will pay more than $10 billion to settle a majority of Roundup cancer lawsuits, many are asking about Roundup settlement amounts. Specifically, what kind of compensation might victims expect as part of the settlement? IMPORTANT: The most important thing to remember is...
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Roundup Settlement Tops $10 Billion

June 25, 2020   |  
Bayer, the maker of Roundup, has negotiated a Roundup settlement that will pay victims who have allegedly suffered cancer due to the toxic weed killer. The company will pay more than $10 billion to settle tens of thousands of Roundup lawsuits. According to the Roundup settlement announcement, Bayer will spend...
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EPA Re-Approves Glyphosate, Potentially Cancer-Causing Ingredient in Roundup

March 23, 2020   |  
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) faces multiple lawsuits alleging that the government agency ignored warnings in re-approving a potentially cancer-causing ingredient, glyphosate, in the popular weed killer Roundup. In January, the EPA re-approved glyphosate — the controversial ingredient in Roundup herbicide — and claimed that it does not present a...
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EPA & Justice Dept. Side with Bayer in Roundup Lawsuit

January 19, 2020   |  
The United States government has sided with Bayer AG (formerly Monsanto) in a lawsuit alleging that the company’s popular herbicide, Roundup, causes non-Hodgkins lymphoma and other forms of cancer. In a “friend of the court” briefing, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Justice Department said that glyphosate, the active...
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