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Written Testimonials

Wanda B.

June 18, 2015   |  
All I have to say is that Riddle and Brantley stands for what they represent as Atty’s of law. I have had the best of their Attorneys Brett Davis and Susan and a few others really consider their clients as top priority here at Riddle & Brantley.
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Steve M.

June 10, 2015   |  
Frank, factual, informative, open. I cant thank you enough for the help this has brought my wife and I. Winning this case will completely change our life and health. A life changing event that had been only a discouraging dream. Thank you to everyone at Riddle & Brantley. Especially to...
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Anthony C.

March 4, 2015   |  
I came to Riddle & Brantley looking for justice. From step one to finish, they were 100% helpful. I would recommend anyone, friends or family, to use Riddle & Brantley. I thank them for all of their help.”
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Tyronnie T.

March 3, 2015   |  
I like the fact that they listen and care about my situation and are very concerned about my wellbeing. I always receive A-1 service. Plus, all the staff are nice and treat me as if I'm family. Every time I've needed them, they were there for me. Thank you Riddle...
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James M.

March 2, 2015   |  
At a time when I need someone to walk me through the steps, Riddle & Brantley did more than a legal firm. They were kind and took the time to talk to me and listen to what I had to say. All the forms and legal paperwork were done without...
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Gary B.

March 1, 2015   |  
I was stuck. I had a valid insurance claim but was denied coverage by my insurance company. My appeal was also denied. Then Riddle and Brantley got involved. They went to battle for me. My attorney was tough, thorough, and tenacious and won my case. I don’t know where I...
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Vivian R.

February 28, 2015   |  
I would recommend Riddle & Brantley to my friends and family. They treated me professionally and with respect. I am very satisfied with how my case was handled.
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Maria C.

February 27, 2015   |  
I am very happy with the services that were provided. Most importantly for me is that they always accompanied me to the court and translated on all the cases that I needed. I am very grateful for their services. Thank you very much. My kids and I appreciate it. Thank...
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Adell C.

February 26, 2015   |  
Riddle and Brantley were very nice to me. If I had to go through the same situation again, I would pick them. I really appreciate everything they did for me. They fought hard for me.
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Roberto E.

February 25, 2015   |  
I am very satisfied. Riddle & Brantley fought my case very well and I'm of recommending them to my friends.
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