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NC Drivers Advised To Get Used To Cheap Fuel

Dan Brian   |  November 15, 2014   |  

In a statement recently issued by the U.S Energy Department, drivers throughout North Carolina and the nation at large have been advised to get used to cheaper gas prices.

The move comes in the wake of rising oil production, a stronger US currency and financial weak spots in economies overseas that have been reducing the amount of oil that is being consumed.

Combined with an increase in oil output from refineries in the US and a large stockpile of oil, drivers are expected to pay less than 40 cents per gallon compared to the same time period as last year.

In a statement from Tim Quinlan – an economist at Wells Fargo:

“It would be a reversal of the trend over the last few years where consumers can’t stretch a dollar far enough,”

As the United States heads into the holiday period, many in the financial sector are anticipating increased spending due to the immediate impact that these price reductions have on most American families.

Currently, oil is trading at approximately $80 a barrel – a reduction of 32 percent since late June.

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