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How Did Riddle & Brantley Help Rescue a Mom and Her 8 Puppies?

Dan Brian   |  April 17, 2017   |  

Riddle & Brantley would like to introduce the newest additions to our family. This is Bella and her 8 young pups. The story begins when our IT Manager was traveling home last week. His companion noticed a dog in very poor condition on the side of the road. They contacted several local rescue groups to assist in locating the dog as their attempts to get close to the dog failed. A local rescue group borrowed a trap the following day and left it overnight in the woods where Bella was first seen. The following morning Bella was found in the cage. She was very emaciated, hungry, dirty and very happy and excited to be in our company. It was observed that Bella was a nursing mom. At this point, we assumed there could be pups. A GPS tracking collar was placed on her in hopes she would lead us to her home.

After watching movements for over six hours, Bella traveled several miles from her capture location deep in the woods. We recognized she paused at the same location multiple times that day.  After a brief search, we were able to locate 8 puppies, lying on a bed of briars. We recovered all pups with the mom and took them home for the night. Once there Bella was fed and she nursed the pups. They rested well and the next morning we filed a written notification to Wayne County NC Humane Society. At that time, there were no reports found for a dog missing of that description.

We approached, Mr. Riddle, our employer regarding our animal discovery and instead of taking the dog and pups to an already overcrowded pet rescue facility it was decided that Riddle and Brantley would sponsor them and several employees volunteered to help in the care and raising of the pups. He immediately jumped into action and started making arrangements for the wellbeing and care of Bella and the pups. The Riddles contacted Dr. John Lewis of Eastwaye Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Lewis is a close friend of the Riddles and is also the personal physician of Coconut. He also provides care for Roscoe and Otis Riddle. Gene and Lee Ann Riddle met Dr. Lewis and his family through their love of horses. The measure of care that has been extended by Dr. Lewis to the Riddle family pets has truly been extraordinary and they would not take their animals anywhere else. Dr. Lewis is married with two girls, three dogs, four cats, two birds, a horse, two ponies and two donkeys. Click here for a direct link to Eastwaye Veterinary Clinic. Also, click here to visit their Facebook page. Their office number is 919-778-3058.

Bella has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, heart worms and also has a parasite. His office has advised us that all conditions are treatable and she should make a quick recovery. Only one pup had an eye infection, which was immediately addressed. Dr. Lewis has requested that Bella and the pups stay for 10 days to ensure Bella’s dehydration, exhaustion and malnutrition are all addressed.

Bella is still able to care for and nurse the pups. It was determined the pups are only several weeks old. Bella’s age is undetermined but she appears young. She is energetic, happy and playful. She is a very loving dog and has already stolen the hearts of the employees at Eastwaye Veterinary Clinic and Riddle & Brantley.

We will continue to update you on a weekly basis and upload pictures of their progress as well. Any donations for Bella and the pups are gladly accepted. They can be made to Eastwaye Veterinary Clinic or Riddle & Brantley, LLP.