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What are the Most Common Types of Accidents in Construction?

Construction is often a dangerous occupation. About 20 percent of all worker deaths annually occur in construction, according to OSHA. Construction accident types run the gamut, but many of the most serious involve height and safety violations.

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Types of Construction Accidents


Construction work is often performed at great heights. Falls are among the most common accidents and most likely to prove fatal. Falling from scaffolding, ladders, roofs, and construction equipment may result in severe injury or death. Also, falling objects are a constant threat on a construction site. Hammers and other tools could cause devastating injuries even if the victims were wearing hard hats.


Furthermore, some workers may suffer burn injuries from a fire, explosion, or exposure to a hazardous substance on site. Demolition work involves the use of explosives, and mistakes may prove deadly.  Gas, chemical leaks, and flammable liquids on site can cause sudden devastation.


In addition, contact with power lines or exposed wires can result in electrocution. While among the top causes of construction fatalities, electrocution does not always kill but can lead to severe burns.

Equipment Accidents

Getting caught in or between machines or equipment is another major construction site accident that may kill or maim victims.

Other Accidents

Debris, unsafe flooring or stairs, slippery surfaces, and holes in the ground can cause slip and fall injuries. These injuries range from minor to permanently disabling.

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Construction Accident Causes

Many construction accidents are preventable if the employer follows OSHA regulations. Unfortunately, many employers are negligent and put the lives and livelihoods of their workers at risk by failing to comply with standard safety policies and procedures.

For example, some construction accidents result from the use of dangerous or defective equipment. This type of accident may not have occurred if the equipment was properly maintained and inspected regularly. Liability for defective products can lie anywhere in the supply chain.

OSHA mandates that all workers have training in their specific job duties, so workers do not operate unfamiliar equipment. Improper training can cause many issues. For example, forklift, crane, and hoist accidents are common if the operator was not trained to safely use this potentially dangerous equipment.

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Affordable NC Construction Accident Lawyer - Riddle & BrantleyIn a recent case, we represented an undocumented person who worked as a welder for a construction company. He lived in North Carolina for many years, and his children were born here. In July 2011, our client fell from a platform and sustained a very severe and disabling head injury. His doctors told his family that he had suffered a basilar skull fracture and brain injury. Soon after that, we helped the family file petitions to have them serve as his guardian.

The insurance company accepted liability, and we helped our client get weekly compensation payments and medical care. All of his medical bills were paid. We completed several mediations and many post-mediation negotiations by telephone, which finally resulted in a significant settlement of $2,475,000 (see disclaimer below).

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