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Elmiron Scotoma Risk

In the wake of the Elmiron recall and FDA warning about potential eye damage, many concerned patients are asking, “Does Elmiron cause scotoma?” or “What is the relationship between Elmiron and scotoma?”

In this article, we’ll review the potential Elmiron scotoma risk and other eye damage potentially caused by Elmiron, a popular bladder medication. We’ll also share how victims can protect their legal rights in pursuing a claim for Elmiron scotoma injury or other eye damage.

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Elmiron and Eye Damage

In 2018, researchers discovered signs of serious eye damage in one-quarter of Elmiron patients studied. The eye injuries potentially linked to Elmiron include:

These conditions can result in vision loss and impairment, blurry vision, blindness, and halo vision, among other serious problems.

Scotoma, or blind spot(s) in the field of vision, is a possible result of eye damage associated with Elmiron.

Does Elmiron Cause Scotoma - Riddle & Brantley Elmiron Claim LawyersElmiron (pentosan polysulfate sodium or “PPS”) is the only prescription drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat interstitial cystitis, a bladder disorder affecting roughly 1 million people in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of patients have been exposed to Elmiron in recent years. The drug was originally approved in 1996 and is manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

In June 2020, the FDA required that the Elmiron label be updated to include “retinal maculopathy” and “pigmentary maculopathy” in the “Warnings and Precautions” and “Adverse Reactions” sections.

IMPORTANT: Those who have taken Elmiron are encouraged to talk with their doctor about the potential risks associated, including Elmiron scotoma risk.

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What is Scotoma? 

A scotoma is a blind spot in your vision. It may appear in the center of your field of vision, or around the outside edges.

Scotomas can be caused by injuries and disease including but not limited to:

  • Retinal damage
  • Macular degeneration
  • Brain damage
  • Stroke
  • Demyelinating disease like multiple sclerosis
  • Hypertension
  • Exposure to dangerous substances
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Vascular blockages

According to initial research, scotomas may also be caused by Elmiron.

“Does Elmiron cause scotoma?”

Scotoma is one of several serious eye conditions potentially linked to the popular bladder medication Elmiron. Early research indicates that Elmiron may cause scotoma and other serious eye damage.

In the 2018 Elmiron study published by the American Academy of Ophthalmologists (AAO), researchers found that many patients taking Elmiron showed signs of paracentral scotoma, or vision loss in the field of vision.

According to a report in Forbes, researchers in 2019 presented evidence to the AAO that “25% of their patients with significant exposure to Elmiron showed clear evidence of retinal damage,”  which resulted in scotoma in some patients.

“I take Elmiron and have developed scotoma. What should I do?”

If you’ve developed scotoma or another eye problem after taking Elmiron, you may be entitled to compensation.

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