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What to Expect When You Call Our Law Firm for the First Time

Dan Brian   |  April 28, 2016   |  

Calling Riddle and Brantley for the first time?

Have you been in a motor vehicle accident? Have you been rammed from behind? Have you been the victim of a DWI driver? Were you hurt in a fall at a local store? Has your child been bitten by a dog? Were you injured on the job? You can’t work and need to talk to a lawyer about Social Security benefits? If so, you have called the right place. We handle all of these types of cases. Are you intimidated or fearful of calling a lawyer? If so, you have probably never had to call a lawyer before today. So what happens when you call a lawyer? What happens when you call us?

So What Really Happens When You Call Us For The First Time?

receptionist for law firmsYou will be greeted by our receptionist and immediately connected to one of our intake professionals. Our intake professionals are very nice and very well trained to talk to you for the first time about the facts of your case. They are trained to help you ask the right questions and get some answers. They take care of all emails and phone calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including weekends. They are personally interviewed, hired and trained by managing partner Gene Riddle because he understands how important your first call is to you. You can tell us as much or as little about your case as you are comfortable offering.

Our intake professionals will help you determine if your case is one that we can help you handle. If we can help, then they will begin to get some basic information from you so that we can begin to help. Most importantly, please be prepared to give us your name, phone number, email address so that if we get disconnected or need to call you back, we can do so without delay. Then, one of three things will happen:

  • 1) An appointment will be set for you to come to our office; or
  • 2) An appointment will be set for an investigator to come to you at your home, hospital or another place of your choosing; or
  • 3) We will email the necessary documents to you so that you can complete them and return to us.

In addition we have at least 4 attorneys available during our normal business hours between 8:30 and 5:30 who can review your information, answer questions and talk to you if necessary. For after hour calls (after 5:30 on weekdays), we will still have attorneys available who can be reached within a few minutes unless it is late at night. If it is late at night, the attorneys are available very early the next morning.

If we set an appointment for one of our investigators to come to you, please know that an attorney has reviewed your facts and information about your case and approved the meeting because we think we can try to help you. In this event, please go to our investigator page on our website (link to page here) to learn about the investigator coming to see you. You can see his photo so you will know what he looks like. All of our investigators have prior law enforcement experience and are well trained and personally managed by Gene Riddle, the managing partner at Riddle and Brantley.

If we mail documents to you for review and completion, please take comfort in knowing that an attorney at our firm has approved your information and thinks that we can help you.

As with any legal issue, we can’t promise results or time frames for resolution of your case, particularly at the very beginning of your case and the initial stages of our representation. Rest assured that we will be honest with you throughout the entire process of representing you and we will tell you the things about your case that you need to hear. Sometimes this may include things you don’t want to hear or things we wished we did not have to tell you but must tell you in order to give you full disclosure about your case so that you can make informed and appropriate decisions about your case.

And remember, if you want to talk to your lawyer, just ask. Your lawyer will talk to you.

What If Your Case is Not The Type of Case We Handle?

If your case is not the type of case we handle, our intake professionals will certainly try to help you by offering the name and number of a lawyer who may be able to help. If we don’t have a lawyer that we think can help you with your situation then we will try to give you another referral source that may have a lawyer who can help. Regardless, we will certainly try to assist you in finding another lawyer.

Your Case Contains Very Complicated Legal Issues?

In very few cases, your facts will be extremely complicated and our intake professionals must get information from you. This will not take long but it will assure you that your case is being reviewed by an attorney and it won’t waste your time. We know that your time is valuable to you. Again, if we think we can help we will set an appointment for you to meet with us or we will email the necessary documents to you for review, completion and return to us. If we email the documents to you, our intake professionals will walk you through this very easy process so that you can become a client of ours as soon as possible. We will handle this in the best way possible that fits your needs and your particular case.

Call Us or Email Us Today

Please pick up the phone or email us. We are here, ready and willing to help you. We will listen. You will be relieved to know that you have our time-tested experience and vast amounts of resources on your side. We will fight for justice for you. Justice is our mission and our goal. We look forward to receiving your email or your call and helping you.