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Attorney Scott Scurfield Participates in “Partners Read” Program

Dan Brian   |  July 10, 2018   |  

Scott Scurfield, the Lead Social Security Disability attorney at Riddle & Brantley, recently participated in “Partners Read”, a program created to help elementary school students improve their literacy skills. The program is sponsored by WakeEd Partnerships and allows community and business leaders in Wake County to mentor elementary students in the Wake County Public School System.

Beginning in February of this year, Scott spent 45 minutes each week, for 10 weeks, with students throughout Wake County. During each week, he worked with a group of students to help improve their reading level. The ultimate goal was to have each student reading at or above their grade-level by the end of the semester.

Scurfield’s first time volunteering with Partners Read was in 2016 after he responded to a call from the Wake County Bar Association. Since then, he has dedicated many hours each year helping Wake County elementary students improve their literacy skills.

Of course, it is more than just community service to Scott. He truly enjoys helping young kids in school. “The kids are always fun and it’s rewarding to see them improve in their reading skills,” says Scurfield.

Once school returns in the fall, the program will start back up with scheduled dates for October and November. Scott states that as long as they’ll have him, we will continue to volunteer.

Founding Partner, Gene Riddle, along with other members of the management team took time to thank Scott for his dedication to the program and for his service to Wake County.

“Riddle & Brantley was founded on helping the people of North Carolina, whether that be providing legal service to the injured or assisting with community service events,” says Gene. “Events like Partners Read allow us to help the young people of North Carolina succeed and we thank Scott for his participation.”