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Car Safety Evolution

Evolutionary Timeline

Auto Accident LawyersModern day vehicles have journeyed a long way from their origins in style, comfort, and safety. Newly manufactured cars come with a plethora of standard safety devices and options that help drivers travel long distances with peace of mind.

The evolution of car safety has spanned over one hundred years and includes innovations in technology that the forefathers of the automobile industry might never have been able to fathom.

Some of the first and most interesting milestones in the history of automotive safety include:

Modern Innovation Improving Car Safety

In the past 50 years, car safety technology has made rapid advancements. Some of the most notable improvements in vehicle safety include:

Within this time, vehicle structures have become reinforced with stronger columns, and airbags now line the doors, front and rear seats of most vehicles, while communication technology has made it easier to alert 911 in the event of a crash.

Although safety standards have increased considerably since the invention of the automobile, there is always the risk that negligent behavior by some drivers will cause serious harm or injury to others. If you or a loved one were injured in a North Carolina auto accident, contact a skilled car accident lawyer to learn what rights you may have in your case.

If a driver behaves recklessly, carelessly or in any way that endangers themselves and other drivers, they may be liable for the injuries the victim sustains during a crash. In the event a life is lost, the driver may also be liable for wrongful death of that person. It is important to reach out to an attorney following an accident to facilitate the litigation process and provide just results from your case.

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