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Do you suffer from a disability? Are you unable to work as a result? You may qualify for Social Security disability payments and you might be looking for a Kernersville disability lawyer.

Disability Lawyer Serving Clients in Kernersville NC - Riddle & BrantleyThe experienced North Carolina disability lawyers at Riddle & Brantley have been serving clients in the Kernersville area and throughout the Triad for decades. We would love to help you get the justice and benefits you deserve if we can.

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Our NC disability attorneys have more than 225 years in combined legal experience and we’re connected to the greater Kernersville area. Managing partner Gene Riddle earned his Juris Doctorate degree from Wake Forest University School of Law in nearby Winston-Salem in 1985.

“We have ties to the Triad and are proud to serve North Carolinians with disabilities in the Kernersville area.

-Gene Riddle

“Why should I hire a disability lawyer with experience in Kernersville?”

You don’t have to hire an attorney to apply for disability benefits, but the statistics show that you are more likely to obtain benefits when you are represented by a disability lawyer.

A disability lawyer with experience in the Kernersville NC area can help manage all aspects of your claim or appeal, including:

  • Help you complete your Initial Application for benefits and file it with the Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Obtain important medical records from your medical providers
  • Collect evaluation forms and letters of support from your doctors
  • Request a review at the Reconsideration level if your initial application for benefits is denied
  • Request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) if your claim is denied at the Reconsideration level
  • Present important documents and supporting evidence to the ALJ at your hearing
  • Cross-examine witnesses at your hearing
  • Help you obtain an unbiased second opinion from a qualified doctor
  • Collect and submit additional records requested by the ALJ at the Hearing level
  • Appeal your case to the Appeals Council if your claim is denied by the ALJ
  • File a lawsuit in federal court if necessary if your disability claim continues to be unjustly denied
  • And much, much more…

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-B. Fields

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Disability Attorney Serving Kernersville NC - Riddle & Brantley“I’ve been denied for benefits already. Now what?”

If you’ve been previously denied for Social Security disability benefits, do not be discouraged. In fact, roughly 70 percent of initial claims are denied by the SSA.

It often takes several rounds of appeals to win approval for benefits.

A Riddle & Brantley disability lawyer with experience in Kernersville and the Triad can help manage your appeal.

The appeals process occurs at multiple levels, including:

  • Reconsideration — If your initial application is denied, you can request a second review by a different claim examiner. In most cases, denials are not overturned at this stage and we proceed to the next level of appeal.
  • Hearing — When a claim is denied at the Reconsideration level, you or your disability attorney can request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Here, your attorney can present important evidence and even cross-examine witnesses.
  • Appeals Council — Claims denied at the Hearing level can be appealed to the Appeals Council. While the Appeals Council does not often reverse denials outright, it often sends claims back to the ALJ for reconsideration based on errors and other evidence it uncovers.
  • Federal Court — In certain instances, your disability lawyer may determine it is necessary to file a lawsuit in federal court when your claim has been denied by the Appeals Council.
  • Appeals Court — If you lose your case in federal court, you may file an appeal with the federal appeals court. However, this step is seldom taken and can even add several more years to your wait time.

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-Joseph W.

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