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Have you been injured while on the job in Leland, North Carolina or the surrounding area? You may be looking for a Leland work injury lawyer to assist with your workers’ compensation claim. The experienced work injury lawyers at Riddle & Brantley have been serving clients in Leland and southeastern NC for decades, and we’d love to help if we can.

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Work Injury Lawyer Serving Leland NC - Riddle & BrantleyFor more than 30 years, our workers’ compensation attorneys have been fighting for injured North Carolina workers, including many in the Leland and greater Wilmington NC area.

We believe Justice Counts for those injured while on the job and fight tirelessly for our deserving clients. For a FREE, no-obligation consultation today, please call 1-800-525-7111 or complete the short form below.

There is no obligation and you won’t pay any attorney fees unless we win your case and you receive workers’ compensation benefits.

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Justice for Injured Workers in Leland and Greater Wilmington

If you’ve suffered an injury while working, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. In North Carolina, employers with three or more employees are generally required to have workers’ comp insurance. These benefits are intended to help cover employees’ medical and living expenses in the event that they are injured while at work.

You may even qualify for workers’ compensation if you are injured while off the clock but are on your employer’s property.

Riddle & Brantley work injury lawyers have served clients in the greater Leland NC area for decades and we would love to help you get the benefits you deserve.

Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies will often fight hard to avoid paying workers’ compensation benefits. Having an experienced work injury lawyer serving Leland on your side can help increase the chances that you receive a fair settlement.

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Workers Comp Lawyer Serving Leland NC - Riddle & BrantleyThere is never any obligation and because we work on a contingency basis, you’ll pay nothing upfront and no attorney fees unless we win your case and you receive workers’ comp benefits.

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Results for Injured North Carolinians

In more than three decades serving injured workers in North Carolina, our work injury lawyers have secured many five, six and even seven-figure settlements in workers’ compensation cases (see disclaimer below).

Recent wins include:

  • $2,475,000 | Workers’ Comp / Severe Head Injury — Attorneys Gene Riddle, Christopher Brantley and Jonathan Smith represented an injured worker who suffered a disabling head injury in a fall on the job. Our client was left permanently disabled and we worked on behalf of him and his family to secure total compensation of more than $2 million. We also set up two trusts and established a guardianship for our client in order to ensure his long-term care.
  • $1,800,000 | Workers’ Compensation / Truck Accident — Attorney Gene Riddle fought for justice for our client who suffered serious injuries in a head-on truck accident while driving for work. His serious injuries included the eventual loss of his left leg below the knee. Through extensive negotiations, attorney Riddle secured separate settlements with the truck insurance company and the workers’ comp carrier, totaling $1.8 million in compensation.
  • $829,000 | Workers’ Comp / Traumatic Brain Injury — Our client suffered a disabling brain injury and other injuries when he was struck by a falling tree while surveying locations for cell towers while on the job. Attorney Christopher Brantley took the case and hired an expert to develop a comprehensive life care plan to determine future costs associated with our client’s care, ultimately securing a settlement of $829,000 in total compensation.

*** Disclaimer: The results mentioned are intended to illustrate the type of cases handled by the firm. These results do not guarantee a similar outcome, and they should not be construed to constitute a promise or guarantee of a particular result in any particular case. Every case is different, and the outcome of any case depends upon a variety of factors unique to that case.

Of course, settlements and verdicts are just one measure of our work injury attorneys’ success. We are also proud of the way our clients describe their experience working with our lawyers and staff:

  • “I would recommend Riddle & Brantley to anyone who needs help with … workers’ comp.” Fields
  • “They made a hard time in my life easier to endure.” Melissa C.
  • “They handled my case very professionally, with respect from beginning to end.” –Joseph W.

“Do I qualify for workers’ compensation?”

If you’ve been injured in the Leland NC area while on the job, a work injury lawyer at Riddle & Brantley may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

In general, those injured while on the job — or even while on your employer’s premises — may qualify for workers’ compensation.

Our work injury lawyers have served clients in the Leland, North Carolina area for decades and we have experience handling cases involving all types of injuries, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Serious cuts, scrapes and contusions
  • Burns
  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of limbs (amputations)
  • Crush injuries
  • Injuries from slips, trips and falls
  • Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel
  • Diseases resulting from exposure to toxic chemicals and substances
  • Mesothelioma resulting from asbestos exposure
  • Cancers resulting from toxic chemicals like “firefighting foam”
  • Emotional trauma like PTSD
  • And many more…

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury in the Leland NC area, our experienced work injury lawyers are ready to help — call 1-800-525-7111 for a FREE consultation.

“If you want a strong firm that fights professionally for your rights and wins, call the Riddle & Brantley firm.”

Donyelle S., Riddle & Brantley client

There is absolutely no obligation and you’ll only pay attorney fees if we are successful and get you the workers’ compensation you need and deserve.

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We believe Justice Counts and we would love to help you if we can.