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How to Read and Understand a North Carolina Accident Report

After you’re involved in a car accident, the responding officer will investigate and prepare a written report of the accident. This report is referred to as a crash report or accident report and is provided by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles to all law enforcement personnel to use.

An accident report can play a crucial role in determining who is at fault and whether the insurance company will offer to pay for your damages. So, obtaining and carefully reading your North Carolina car accident report is crucial.

If the responding officer was a local police officer or North Carolina Highway Patrol officer, then it is almost certain that a written report was completed.  However, there are some rare instances where written reports are not filed and only driver information is exchanged. Some law enforcement agencies may use another form to report the accident. Regardless, these reports are important and copies can be obtained upon request.

For a copy of your report, you can visit the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s website

Understanding Your Accident Report

Accident reports, while easily understood by an officer and attorneys, can be difficult to read as an everyday driver. To help you, we’ve created an interactive version of a police report to guide you. It breaks down each section of the report and shows the possible traffic violation codes that could be listed.

If you have questions about your report, our accident attorneys are ready to help. Contact us today for a free case review.

Click on a “blue circle” to learn more about that section of the accident report.  

Possible Contributing Factors

How Can an Accident Attorney Help?

When you receive your police report, its vital that you carefully review the entire report for mistakes. The smallest error such as the wrong date or mixing up the vehicles could impact your case in a significant way. If you believe the report has errors, you need to speak with the investigating officer or an attorney immediately.

Even if your report appears accurate, you may still need a second set of eyes to review it and further investigate your accident. Our team of attorneys, investigators, and case staff have years of experience helping accident victims and we may be able to help you too. While you focus on your recovery, we’ll investigate the scene of the accident, interview witnesses, and manage your medical bills. From there, we’ll negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and stay in communication with you so that you’re kept in the loop about the status of your case.

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