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North Carolina Rear-End Collision Lawyers

Rear-End Collision Facts and Figures

Rear-end collisions are some of the most common types of vehicle collisions in the United States, accounting for nearly 30 percent of all car accidents nationwide.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has determined the following:

  • Distracted driving is responsible for nearly 90 percent of rear-end collisions
  • Approximately 81 percent of rear-end collisions occur when the leading vehicle is at a complete stop or at very low speed, with the vehicle behind following too closely to safely stop in time to avoid a collision
  • Most rear-end collisions occur during the daytime on dry, straight, and flat roads
  • Male drivers age 25-34 are 1.9 times more likely to be involved in a rear-end collision than females and other age groups

Rear-End Accident Attorneys

Have you been injured in a rear-end collision? Our North Carolina rear-end accident lawyers can help you get the justice you deserve.

Rear-End Accident Lawyers in North Carolina - Riddle & BrantleyFor more than 35 years, our experienced North Carolina car accident lawyers have represented victims hurt in all types of accidents, including rear-end collisions. We’ve recovered millions of dollars in compensation (see disclaimer below) for our deserving clients, and we would love to help you if we can.

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What Are Rear-End Crashes?

Rear-end collisions occur when the front of one vehicle directly collides with the rear of the vehicle in front of it. These collisions can range from minor to deadly, but most frequently cause injuries that can take months or years to fully heal, including whiplash, back injuries, and muscle pain.

Rear end accidents often happen at stop lights and signs when one vehicle slows or stops, but the following driver fails to brake in time to avoid a car crash.

Rear-end collisions are common occurrences due to distracted driving, reckless driving, tailgating/following too closely, and other forms of driver negligence. Even at low speeds, rear-end collisions can be especially frightening. Our clients often describe seeing or hearing the at-fault vehicle approaching them from behind without applying its brakes, and feel vulnerable and afraid because they have no way to stop the at-fault vehicle from hitting them even though they can “see it coming.”

At Riddle & Brantley, our team of car accident attorneys in North Carolina know how scary and painful rear-end accidents can be. Our rear-end accident attorneys have extensive experience handling even the most complex cases. We proudly offer free consultations to determine if you have a claim and advise on your best legal options.

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Common Causes of Rear-End Collisions

Typically, a rear-end crash occurs because one vehicle is not able to stop in time to avoid smashing into the vehicle in front of them. To avoid this, drivers should follow defensive driving techniques and follow the cautionary “three-second rule” when driving behind another vehicle in order to allow enough distance to suddenly brake if needed.

The “3 Second” Rule

To follow the three-second rule, identify an upcoming stationary object ahead of the vehicle in front of you. Count the seconds between when the car in front of you passes the object and you pass the object. Ideally, this interval should be three to five seconds to ensure you are keeping a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you.

However, rear-end collisions can happen even at low speeds.  For example, a driver may fail to apply adequate force to his brakes approaching a stop sign and roll into the vehicle in front of him at a low speed. Even these accidents can result in injury.

Common causes of rear-end accidents include:

Distracted driving is the number one cause of rear-end collisions. Driver distraction such as texting while driving causes slower reaction times, which means that motorists may not notice cars ahead slowing or stopping until it’s too late.

Driver negligence at stop signs or lights can also cause a driver to remove pressure from the brake. This may allow the vehicle to roll forward into another car.

Common Rear-End Accident Injuries

Rear-End Accident Injuries - Riddle & BrantleyAny rear-end collision may result in serious injuries for drivers and passengers of both vehicles. Even minor car accidents at slow speeds can result in long-lasting injuries and pain. However, high-speed rear-end collisions are especially damaging and speed greatly increases the risk of serious, disabling injuries.

Some high-speed rear-end collisions may even result in wrongful death.

Rear-end collisions can cause a wide range of injuries, including:

Rear-end collisions may also result in “delayed-onset” injuries. Frequently, our clients may feel ok in the hours immediately following an accident, only to wake up feeling terrible the next morning. This is because soft tissue injuries, like neck pain, whiplash, back pain, and bruising often take time to develop, and the pain may linger for months even with medical treatment.

Who is At-Fault in a Rear-End Accident in North Carolina?

Liability determinations in most rear-end collisions are typically straightforward. In most cases, the driver of the car in the rear will be found to be at fault for causing a rear-end collision. Although rare, it is not impossible for the driver of the leading vehicle in a rear-end collision to be found responsible for the accident.

Shared Liability and Contributory Negligence

In cases of disputed liability, the leading driver may be determined to share liability if he or she contributes to the accident in some manner. For example, a speeding driver may cause a rear-end collision at a stop sign. This driver will likely be mostly liable for the car crash. However, if the lead car’s taillights were inoperable, then that driver may be partially liable under a theory of contributory negligence. In this example, working taillights may have given the following driver enough notice to brake earlier and prevent an accident, even in spite of his excessive speed.

Last Clear Chance

However, North Carolina law also follows the “last clear chance” doctrine, which allows a partially negligent injured party to still recover damages if it can be proven that the defendant was reasonably able to prevent the accident from occurring but failed to do so. This means that even if you contribute to an accident, the other driver may still be held 100 percent liable if he or she had the “last clear chance” to avoid the accident but failed to exercise reasonable care to avoid it.

Why Hire an Attorney After a Rear-End Accident?

Even when the following driver is found at-fault for a rear-end collision, it can be difficult to get a fair settlement from that driver’s insurance company.

Remember, insurance companies want to settle claims quickly and for as little money as possible — they are looking out for their insured, not the car accident victim. Even when it is clear that the following driver was at fault, the at-fault insurance carrier may try to lowball your claim by denying payment for medical expenses, downgrading the worth of your vehicle, or dodging your calls.

If the adjuster can find a way to contest liability, he may even try to shift the blame to you, the leading driver. An experienced North Carolina rear-end accident lawyer can help make sure this doesn’t happen. At Riddle & Brantley, we will defend your interests and fight on your behalf against the insurance company to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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Results for Victims of Rear-End Collisions

Our firm has won many significant settlements and judgments for victims injured in rear-end collisions in North Carolina (see disclaimer below).

Recent results include:

  • $296,000 settlement for a client who was rear-ended at a stop light. Our client suffered serious injuries including a lumbar disc herniation, bulging disc, and nerve displacement eventually requiring surgery.
  • $300,000 settlement for a client who was rear-ended while driving on the job. Our client suffered back injuries requiring a lumbar fusion and decompression surgery. Our attorneys settled her auto accident claim for $200,000 and settled her workers’ comp claim for an additional $100,000, for a total recovery of $300,000.
  • $101,000 settlement for a client who was rear-ended by a dump truck. Our client suffered injuries to his head, neck, back, chest, and legs.  Our attorneys filed suit and the case was settled prior to trial.
  • $100,000 settlement for our client, a commercial airline pilot, who was rear-ended at a stop light. Our client suffered a L5-S1 disc herniation and was given a 5% whole body partial impairment rating.

“I would not have won my case without the help from my team at Riddle & Brantley.”

John S., Riddle & Brantley client

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Affordable Rear-End Accident Lawyer Serving North Carolina - Riddle & BrantleyRear-end collisions can be startling, frightening experiences, particularly when the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver. Although these types of accidents are common, they often leave victims with painful injuries like whiplash, back pain, and bruising.

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*** Disclaimer: The results mentioned are intended to illustrate the type of cases handled by the firm. These results do not guarantee a similar outcome, and they should not be construed to constitute a promise or guarantee of a particular result in any particular case. Every case is different, and the outcome of any case depends upon a variety of factors unique to that case.