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Broken Bone Injury Lawyers in North Carolina

“Can I file an injury claim for broken bones?”

Sustaining a serious injury after an accident can often be life altering. One of the most common injuries resulting from auto accidents, slip and falls, defective products and various types of other accidents. Any fracture, no matter how severe, has the potential to disrupt your professional and financial life. Broken bones, especially multiple fractures and compound breaks often result in days or weeks of missed work and thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Even worse, insurance companies might try to limit or deny your claim, leaving you to pay unaffordable medical expenses on your own.

If you or a loved one suffered broken bones during an accident caused by the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the experienced North Carolina personal injury attorneys at Riddle and Brantley. We want to help you hold negligent parties accountable and remember we don’t take attorneys’ fees unless we win your case.

Experienced Injury Lawyers Handling Broken Bone Cases

Broken Bone Injury Lawyer in North Carolina - Riddle & BrantleyThe North Carolina personal injury lawyers at Riddle & Brantley have experience with claims involving severe bone fractures. We can use our attorneys’ 225+ years of combined experience to fight for the compensation you deserve to pay for your medical expenses and lost income, as well as pain and suffering.

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Our Results in Cases Involving Broken Bones

Auto Accidents

In one case, the North Carolina personal injury lawyers at Riddle & Brantley secured a $2,750,000 award for a client who had suffered multiple fractures during a car accident.

Workers’ Compensation

In a workers’ compensation claim, we represented an injured employee of a cell phone tower company. While working on a cell tower, our client fell sustaining a left leg fracture, serious head injuries. These injuries left our client semi-paralyzed. Our dedicated legal team helped our client recover $829,000 in total compensation.

Pedestrian Accident

Riddle & Brantley attorneys secured a $1,625,000 settlement for a pedestrian that was seriously injured after a vehicle hit her. Our client suffered many serious injuries including fractured pelvis. Although our client was deemed to be at fault for the accident, we were able to successfully recover a substantial settlement for our client and help her make her medical bills.

Motorcycle Accident

Attorney, Molly Schertzinger secured $100,000 in policy limits for one of her clients, who was injured from a motorcycle accident. In this case our client sustained multiple fractures including a displaced rib fracture, a non-displaced clavicle fracture and a right third and fifth metacarpal fractures.

What Are Common Causes of Bone Fractures?

High-impact blunt force trauma events are the most common cause of broken bones. In many cases, these injuries are caused by accidents due to negligence, which may include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents — Broken bones are an extremely common injury after a car accident. A high speed, high-impact car crash often crushes  even the strongest bones, like a femur, and certainly can destroy smaller, weaker bones such as those in the wrist. In some cases, it is not uncommon for the victim to sustain a broken back, crushed pelvis, or fractures to the chin, cheekbones and jaw from the collision. Rollover accidentsrear end crashes and side-impact collisions can result in bone fractures and muscle strain, like whiplash. The combination of these injuries can be painful and require extensive medical care.
  • Workplace accidents Falls, trips, and other workplace accidents often result in fractures. In these cases, an experienced workers’ comp lawyer can help.
  • Slip and fall accidents — These accidents often occur at work, or on residential or business properties. For example, many construction workers suffer broken bones after falling from heights, such as scaffolds and roofs. In another scenario, a grocery store customer may slip on a puddle of water and break his or her arm. Though slip and fall accidents may seem relatively minor, disabling breaks and multiple fractures are possible, especially for elderly victims.
  • Dog bites Dog bites and animal attacks may cause broken bones, sometimes resulting in severe and long-lasting complications.
  • Defective products — People may suffer broken bones caused by defective consumer products, such as airbags or furniture. For example, if an airbag deploys with too much force during a car accident, then vehicle occupants could suffer broken ribs or facial fractures.

Are There Different Types of Bone Fractures?

Medically speaking, a fracture and a broken bone are the same condition. The severity and type of fracture can vary depending on the amount of force applied, the direction the force comes from, and the strength of the bone.

Types of broken bones include:

  • Compound fractures — the bone breaks through the skin and creates an open wound. Compound fractures also significantly increase the risk of developing an infection.
  • Simple fractures the bone breaks but does not penetrate the outer layer of skin.
  • Complete fractures — the bone breaks into two or more pieces.
  • Incomplete fractures — the bone cracks but does not fully break. Incomplete fractures are also referred to as hairline fractures.

Broken Bone Injuries - Riddle & BrantleyThe type of fracture will dictate treatment options and length of time necessary for recovery. If several bones are broken from the accident, it is possible that each bone will incur varying degrees of trauma, which will result in different types of fractures. When this happens, treatment can be extensive, and recovery may take months.

At Riddle and Brantley, we understand how stressful dealing with insurance companies can be. We want you to focus on your recovery. Let one of the dedicated North Carolina personal injury attorneys at Riddle and Brantley handle your claim.

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Long-Term Effects of Broken Bones

Broken bones usually heal with time and proper treatment. Unfortunately, there are some instances where our clients continue to experience severe pain even after “full” recovery. For instance, some clients are diagnosed with arthritis after suffering broke bones. This health condition often lasts a lifetime and can permanently affect mobility.

Fractures do not only harm bone structure, but they also affect the surrounding ligaments and tendons. It may take months for these tissues to heal, further inhibiting your ability to bounce back from their injury.

In addition to pain and suffering, people who suffer broken bones may be entitled to lost wages. In many cases, our clients are not able to immediately return to work after sustaining broken bones. Depending on your occupation, it may not be possible to return to work for weeks or months. In other cases, health problems may persist for years after the initial injury. Lost wages combined with expensive hospital bills and rehabilitation costs can create intense financial strain.

Don’t wait — the longer you wait to contact an attorney, the harder it may be to win your case and get you the compensation you need and deserve.

Fracture Lawyer Serving North Carolina

At Riddle & Brantley, our injury lawyers are committed to helping accident survivors with bone fractures and other injuries. If you or someone you love has suffered personal injuries due to the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to compensation. Our North Carolina personal injury attorneys can help you seek compensation for your medical bills and lost income resulting from broken bones.

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Riddle & Brantley is proud to fight for justice on behalf of North Carolina accident survivors and their families. We serve the entire state, including:

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*** Disclaimer: The results mentioned are intended to illustrate the type of cases handled by the firm. These results do not guarantee a similar outcome, and they should not be construed to constitute a promise or guarantee of a particular result in any particular case. Every case is different, and the outcome of any case depends upon a variety of factors unique to that case.