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Brittney Culler

Brittney Culler

Litigation Paralegal


How I help our clients:  As a litigation paralegal, my job is to assist our attorneys in all aspects of the litigation process—from filing the initial court documents to preparing for trial. I work directly with our clients to plan and prepare their case for all phases of the civil proceeding while keeping them informed throughout the process.

Background:  During the formative years of my career, I obtained my degree in Paralegal Technology prior to pursuing a business degree at University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I am a North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal and a member of the North Carolina Bar Association’s Paralegal Division. With over ten years of legal experience, I am well versed in the litigation process and enjoy the challenges it presents.

Why I like working at Riddle & Brantley: The entire team at Riddle & Brantley works diligently to ensure exceptional representation of our clients during what is often a very stressful and trying time of their lives.

What I like to do in my free time: Outside of the office, I am an avid rock climber, sporadic traveler, novice chef (but expert diner), and devoted dog owner. I enjoy exploring new hobbies and interests while spending time with close friends.