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Can I Get a Full Refund If the Outer Banks Power Outage Ruined My Vacation?

Dan Brian   |  August 23, 2017   |  

Scott Scurfield certified as a Social Security specialistThe Washington Post featured an article earlier this month on the Outer Banks power outage. The story focussed on how people who were on vacation at the time of the power outage can know whether they are eligible for a full refund.

Am I Automatically Eligible for a Full Refund If the Outer Banks Power Outage Ruined My Vacation?

The Washington Post article deals directly with the power outage in the Outer Banks area and what is being done to reimburse people whose vacations were ruined.

Representatives from the Post called around to hotels on Hatteras and Ocracoke, the Outer Banks islands that had to be evacuated due to the power outage, to inquire about refunds for vacationers. Reportedly, many of the inns and hotels on the islands are offering full refunds to guests who had to leave early or cancel their visit because of the Outer Banks power outage. However, for vacationers who rented a home through an island realty company or online booking service, such as HomeAway, the process to get a refund is much more difficult. These vacationers are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, with some able to:

  • Negotiate partial or full refunds
  • Receive credit towards a future vacation
  • Get help finding alternate accommodations
  • Reschedule their visit with the realty company or homeowner

In addition, some visitors were able to receive reimbursement through a travel insurance policy, either their own or one provided to them through their hotel, travel agent, online booking site or realty company.

As the aftermath of the Outer Banks power outage has unfolded, we have been covering each new development on our personal injury blog the last couple of weeks, including what people should do if their vacation is interrupted by a disaster and how businesses can recover from a man-made or natural disaster. We will continue to report on any new information that surfaces regarding this story.