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Why You Should Consider Getting an Action Cam

Dan Brian   |  July 24, 2017   |  

Photo of bicycling in in the FallIn Tennessee, two men were riding the Natchez Trace Parkway on bicycles, behind them two cars were waiting to pass. Before long an F150 passed the duo safely and drove on, but the black Volvo that was behind the truck didn’t pass with the same care. What happens next illustrates why getting an action cam or a dashcam for your vehicle might not be a bad idea.

You Should Consider Getting an Action Cam, and Here’s Why…

The driver of the black Volvo crossed double yellow lines as he passed the two cyclists. However, unlike the truck that passed earlier, the car crossed back over the center stripes early. It subsequently slammed into one of the bicyclists, wrecking the bike and forcing its rider to the asphalt. The Volvo then sped off, leaving the cyclist and his friend shocked, but the hit-and-run driver didn’t get away.

One of the two cyclists had an action camera mounted to his helmet. After his friend was taken to the hospital, the rider with the camera turned his footage over to the police. Authorities used that footage to track down a 58-year-old Nashville man, and charge him with felony reckless endangerment. Federal charges could also be pending.

What Can an Action Cam or a Dashcam Do for Me?

This situation, and others like it are powerful examples of why an action cam/dash cam could be essential for your vehicle. In today’s modern world, cameras and mounts that can be attached to bicycles, motorcycles, and cars are available in stores everywhere. These cameras can capture footage that police can use to track down the people who cause accidents and flee the scene. They can also provide evidence against those who cause crashes in court.

Having video footage of an incident is powerful, compelling and often irrefutable in court. This footage can even come in handy when handling a claim with an insurance company, but only if you know how to present it properly. Mishandled video evidence can be disallowed in court and that’s why you need help from an experienced car accident lawyer.

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