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Pools Can Result in Injuries, & Lawsuits

Dan Brian   |  July 10, 2015   |  

A 3-year old child died yesterday from drowning in a Clayton pool yesterday, according to an ABC11 article.  The article does not state whether there were lifeguards on duty at the Lionsgate Athletic Club, but according to the Lionsgate website, the location has multiple pools, so it would seem likely a lifeguard should have been on duty.

Pool injuries create complicated legal issues that frequently result in litigation.  Because pool drownings can occur so fast, it is possible for people to drown even when a facility does everything right.  But frequently, there are failures that constitute negligence, i.e. a lack of due care.  Victims of personal injuries that result from pool-related issues should immediately consult an attorney.  It is important to secure witness statements, and determine if any video recordings of the incident exist.  Memories fade and videos are deleted, so it is important to hire a firm that will act quickly.  Our firm employs several investigators for this exact purpose.  They include former military and law enforcement personnel, experienced in obtaining statements and canvassing a scene.  Our website shows their biographies, so our clients can know that they are getting a top-notch team working on their case form day one.