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Are Rides at the Fair Safe?

Dan Brian   |  August 9, 2017   |  

Are rides at the fair dangerous? A deadly disaster involving a ride at the Ohio State Fair last month has led to changes regarding safety regulations for amusement park rides in North Carolina. Per WTVD-TV, the incident in Ohio involved a ride called the Fire Ball.

Reportedly, the ride was spinning and swinging back and forth when it collided with something, causing part of the ride to detach. Seven people were injured and one man was killed as a result of the accident. As of this writing, authorities were still determining what led to the ride malfunctioning. Following the incident, the North Carolina Department of Labor issued a moratorium on all Fire Ball rides statewide until it can be determined whether they are safe or not.

What Should I Do If I’m Hurt While on a Ride at the Fair?

We go to events like the fair, because we want to enjoy ourselves. Therefore, when the visit results in an accident, serious injury or loss of life, it’s shocking to say the least. No one is prepared for that. What are you supposed to do? Who can help you and your family?

Often, in these situations, sitting down and talking with an injury attorney can help victims and their families begin to put the pieces of their lives back together. An experienced lawyer can answer their questions, explain their legal rights and discuss what the best options are for them and their family moving forward.

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