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Has My Child’s Car Seat Been Recalled?

Dan Brian   |  October 31, 2017   |  

Safety or booster seats can reduce the risk of your child suffering a catastrophic injury or dying during a car crash. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), you can reduce the risk of death by 71 to 54 percent by properly using one of these seats. However, these products will not work effectively if they contain defects.

Manufacturers may issue recalls for defective or unsafe car seats. For instance, Diono recently recalled more than 500,000 safety seats sold in the US. The company recalled the products after discovering that six of its car seat models could increase the risk of chest and head injuries for some children. According to a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the models affected by the recall were produced between late 2013 and September 2017.

Parents are not always notified after a recall has been issued. Fortunately, you can use NHTSA’s website to stay informed on car seat recalls. You can either:

  1. Use NHTSA’s database: NHTSA maintains a list of car seats that have been recalled during the last ten years. You may enter the manufacturer’s name and NHTSA’s website will list recalls over the last decade for that manufacturer. Entering “Diono” into the website pulls information from its recent recall.
  2. Register the car seat: You can also register your child’s car seat with NHTSA and the manufacturer. NHTSA could send you an e-mail alert if a recall occurs in the future. This could allow the manufacturer to inform you of future recalls.

Can I File a Lawsuit for Car Seat Defects?

Car seat manufacturers could still be liable for injuries or deaths even when they issue recalls. Businesses are legally obligated to release safe products. Parents of children who were harmed by defective car seats may still be able to file lawsuits for damages even if a recall has been issued.

If your child was hurt by a defective car seat, then you should speak with a product liability lawyer at our firm. We could review the details of your claim to help you determine whether you would be successful filing a lawsuit.

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