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Are Fidget Spinners Safe? Every Parent Needs to Know This Answer

Dan Brian   |  July 3, 2017   |  

Tesla owners are reporting Autopilot problems.What is your child’s favorite toy? If you said a fidget spinner, then you need to buckle up and keep reading. Today, we are going to explore the hazards of fidget spinners and why you should do some research before you buy your kids this super-hot item.

What Parents Need to Know About Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are tiny devices that spin specially shaped disks between your fingertips. The device was first developed to help children with sensory and attention disorders focus, but it has grown beyond that. Children without these disorders have been amused by the innovative little gadgets, but as they have grown in popularity, parents are running into safety problems.

In Texas, a 10-year-old girl accidentally swallowed a piece of a fidget spinner and started choking. A three-year-old also got one of the discs from a fidget spinner stuck on his finger, doctors were barely able to get it off. A boy in Florida also choked on a fidget spinner. Luckily, doctors were able operate and remove the part before any real damage was done, but at this rate, it only seems like a matter of time before something worse happens.

Parents of the children who have fallen victim to these dangerous toys are asking officials to start a recall. However, these efforts take time and the Consumer Product Safety Commission is busy investigating several injury claims. For now, authorities recommend that parents only buy fidget spinners from reputable retailers and not street side vendors. They also recommend you visit SaferProducts.gov for the latest news and to report any Fidget Spinner incidents your family has experienced.

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