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Who Is Responsible If a Gas Leak Results in a Home Exploding?

Dan Brian   |  May 1, 2017   |  

Photo of two people supporting each otherFollowing two home explosions that were traced to propane tanks, it seems fair to wonder: Can victims file a gas leak injury claim against a utility company?

The first incident took place at a woman’s home in Halifax County. WRAL-TV reported on the incident, which allegedly occurred after workers from the gas company came to refill the propane tanks at the woman’s home. The woman reportedly noticed a gas smell after her tanks were refilled but assumed it was part of the re-igniting process that happens after the tanks are refilled. The woman left her home prior to the explosion, which may have saved her life.

The second incident occurred when a home in Wilson County exploded, according to WRAL-TV. The residents, who were home at the time of the explosion, managed to escape. Authorities traced the explosions to propane and oxygen tanks.

Is It Possible to File a Gas Leak Injury Claim Against a Utility Company?

Per The Los Angeles Times, the Southern California Gas Co. paid $4 million to settle criminal charges the company faced following a gas leak. The gas leak forced thousands to abandon their homes for months until the leak was capped. Despite settling the criminal charges, the utility company is still facing over 100 gas leak injury claims from residents who allege the leak caused them health problems.

Our Raleigh personal injury law firm secured a $72,500 propane explosion settlement for a homeowner whose house suffered severe fire damage, because a propane delivery driver negligently filled a propane tank.