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Dog attacks are serious personal injury incidents that deserve legal attention. The Raleigh dog bite lawyers at Riddle & Brantley are passionate about helping innocent adults, children, and senior citizens who suffer injuries because of a violent or loose dog in the area. We understand North Carolina’s dog bite statutes and know how to use them to our clients’ advantage. Find out how we can help your family. Contact us today.

North Carolina Dog Bite Laws

North Carolina is a mixed dog bite law state. This means that several different (but related) laws pertain to dog attack incidents. One can find the bulk of the state’s dog bite law in North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 67. This chapter deals with pet owner liability for attacks to humans, domestic animals, or livestock, as well as owners who fail to take precautions against attacks by dangerous dogs. This includes

  1. Statutory dog owner liability. A dog owner will be liable for a victim’s damages after a bite if the owner knowingly and intentionally violated the state’s laws against allowing dogs to run at large. This law only applies to dogs over the age of six months that are running at large at night, that have previously injured or killed people, or that the state has deemed “dangerous.”
  2. Strict liability. If the dog that inflicted the harm is “dangerous” or “potentially dangerous” in the eyes of the state, the owner might be strictly liable for damages. Strict liability means that the victim does not need any other proof of negligence other than ownership of a dangerous dog. Note that Edenton and Lumberton both have city-specific ordinances declaring pit bulls “potentially vicious.” Rottweilers and chows are also on the list in Edenton. Also, the owner is liable for bites if his dog has shown aggressive behavior in the past, whether directed at people or other animals.
  3. Negligence-based liability. If dangerous dog laws don’t apply to a case, the victim may still be able to prove dog owner liability on the basis of negligence. The injured person must show that the defendant failed to act or control the dog with reasonable care. For example, if an owner failed to repair a hole in a fence, allowing a dog to escape and bite someone, the victim may have a case on the grounds of negligence.

North Carolina is one of few remaining states that still abides by contributory negligence laws. This means that the courts will bar a plaintiff from any recovery if he or she is even partially at fault for the dog attack. Hire an attorney to represent you for your best chance at securing compensation despite the state’s contributory negligence law. We can help you protect your rights.

Why Hire a Lawyer After a Dog Bite?

Dog attacks can be particularly gruesome and damaging to a victim physically and psychologically. Child victims may develop permanent fears of dogs or suffer from nightmares, while adults may experience post-traumatic stress disorder or other emotional distress. If you or a loved one suffered significant injuries, painful bites, puncture wounds, hospital stays, scarring, disfigurement, or mental anguish because of a dog attack, contact our attorneys. Serious injuries deserve serious legal action.

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Our Raleigh personal injury lawyers truly care about bringing negligent dog owners to justice. Pursuing compensation through a personal injury claim can not only provide you with important financial stability, but it could also prevent a similar attack from happening again in the future. Holding negligent pet owners responsible for their actions is the best way to stop dog bites in Raleigh. Contact us to learn more about your dog bite claim today.