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Rocky Mount Veterans Benefits Lawyer

Are you seeking veterans disability benefits? Are you appealing a VA disability decision and trying to increase your rating? You might be looking for a Rocky Mount veterans benefits lawyer.

The experienced North Carolina veterans benefits lawyers at Riddle & Brantley may be able to help. We have been helping veterans across the state — including many in the Rocky Mount area — since 1985 and would love to help however we can.

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NC Veterans Benefits Lawyer Serving Rocky Mount - Riddle & BrantleyThere are no upfront costs or attorney fees unless we obtain veterans disability payments for you.

You’ve served our country. Let us serve you.

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Justice Counts for North Carolina veterans and we are ready to help however we can. If for any reason we are unable to help, we will do our best to connect you with a resource that can.

Our VA disability team is led by Scott Scurfield, a VA-accredited veterans benefits attorney who has practiced law for more than three decades.

Scott and his team know how to navigate the complex VA system and have helped thousands of clients secure the disability benefits they need and deserve.

“It’s both an honor and a privilege to fight for those who have served our country.”

Scott Scurfield, Riddle & Brantley veterans benefits attorney

“How does VA disability work?”

Veterans disability payments are available for veterans who have:

  • Served in active duty, inactive duty for training, or active duty for training
  • Suffered service-related injury or illness resulting in at least 10% disability
  • Received a discharge other than dishonorable

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issues a disability rating for every veterans disability applicant. This is a percentage in increments of 10 (e.g. 10%, 70%, 100% etc.) that designates the extent of your disability, according to the VA.

Monthly compensation is tied directly to your disability rating.

In order to receive VA disability benefits, you must not only meet the criteria listed above, but also demonstrate:

  • Evidence of your disability (in the form of a “Compensation & Pension” or “C&P” exam and other medical evidence)
  • Evidence that your disability resulted from an injury or illness incurred while in military service

A veterans benefits lawyer with experience in Rocky Mount and surrounding NC can help you determine the best path forward for seeking VA disability.

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If you’ve suffered disability in service to your country, you deserve justice and benefits. We would love to help you if we can.

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-B.F., Riddle & Brantley client 

You may also qualify for Social Security disability benefits and we can also assist you with those claims, as well.

“How much will my VA disability payment be?”

The monthly payment for VA disability is based on your disability rating, among certain other factors.

According to the VA’s disability compensation tables, if you are unmarried without dependent children, your monthly payment would be:

  • 10% disability rating — $142.29
  • 20% disability rating — $281.27
  • 30% disability rating — $435.69
  • 40% disability rating — $627.61
  • 50% disability rating — $893.43
  • 60% disability rating — $1,131.68
  • 70% disability rating — $1,426.17
  • 80% disability rating — $1,657.80
  • 90% disability rating — $1,862.96
  • 100% disability rating — $3,106.04

IMPORTANT: These amounts are current as of 2020 and additional factors — such as your marital status and whether or not you have dependent children — can increase your VA disability payment. For the most up-to-date information, please check out the VA’s disability compensation rate tables online.

Riddle & Brantley - VA Disability Lawyers Serving Rocky Mount NCSeeking benefits from the VA can be complicated, time-consuming and stressful.

You don’t have to do this alone.

A veterans benefits lawyer with experience in Rocky Mount can help.

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There are absolutely no upfront costs and no attorney fees unless we successfully secure VA disability benefits for you.

“My disability rating is too low. What now?”

If you believe that the VA has assigned a disability rating that does not reflect the degree of your condition, you do have options to pursue a Request for Review — and an experienced veterans benefits lawyer serving Rocky Mount NC can help.

Those who have been denied or wish to increase their disability rating can:

  • Request a review by a Decision Review Officer (DRO) — A DRO can review your claim and make sure that no mistakes were made. If after review by the DRO, a claim remains denied, or you still believe the rating is incorrect, you have an option to appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeal.
  • Appeal to the Board of Veteran Appeal (BVA). By submitting VA Form 9, you can request a hearing by the BVA. The VA gives you 90 days to gather important medical records and supporting evidence. You have the option to appear before a traveling BVA judge, via video-conference, or in-person.

Justice Counts for North Carolina Veterans

We’re proud to serve the men and women of North Carolina who have defended our country. We serve veterans living in Rocky Mount and those throughout the state, many of whom have served at one of North Carolina’s large military bases:

  • Fort Bragg in Fayetteville
  • Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville
  • Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro
  • Cherry Point in Havelock

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