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Supreme Court Rejects Bayer’s Appeal of Roundup Trial Verdict

Riddle Brantley LLP   |  June 24, 2022   |  

Bayer Loses Roundup Appeal at Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States has rejected a request by Bayer to overrule a verdict awarding $25 million to Edwin Hardeman, a California resident who claimed he developed cancer from using Roundup weedkiller on his property.

This is a huge blow for Bayer as the company had hoped a Supreme Court ruling overturning this verdict would stop the thousands of Roundup lawsuits it’s currently facing from moving forward.

Bayer maintains that Roundup is safe and that its recent removal of the herbicide from consumer shelves was only done to manage litigation risk — not because of any safety issues.

Bayer’s Appeal to the Supreme Court

Bayer’s appeal request to the Supreme Court stated that the ruling in favor of Mr. Hardeman should be overturned because Roundup has been cleared for use by regulators. The company also argued that the link between increased cancer risk and Roundup exposure is not based on “sound science,” a claim Bayer has frequently made in public statements.

Circuit Court Orders an EPA Review

In addition to the Supreme Court’s rejection of the Bayer appeal, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals also rejected an EPA finding that determined the major component of Roundup, glyphosate, does not pose a human health risk. The court ordered the EPA to reexamine its findings, which could further strengthen cases against Bayer in the future.

Bayer Has Set Aside Billions for Settlements

In 2021, Bayer stated that it would set aside $4.5 billion to handle litigation costs in the event that its Supreme Court appeals were unsuccessful. Now that this appeal has been rejected, that reserve of funding may be necessary to settle thousands of currently pending cases.

After settling a significant number of cases in an earlier “global” settlement, Bayer may ultimately end up facing more than $10 billion in costs associated with the Roundup lawsuits.

Roundup Still Used in Commercial Agriculture

Roundup is no longer available to consumers, but Bayer intends to continue selling it for profit to agricultural customers. According to Bayer, Roundup is safe, and the lawsuits against them result from consumer concerns, not the real safety of the product. In addition, Bayer says that only a small percentage of farmers have submitted Roundup adverse-reaction complaints.

What’s Next for Roundup Lawsuits? 

According to Bayer’s “five-point plan,” if the Supreme Court appeal fails (as it has), they intend to activate a claims program to settle subsequent lawsuits. Roughly 31,000 Roundup lawsuits remain ongoing.

This shows how great a blow the Supreme Court’s decision is for Bayer and represents a beacon of hope for the thousands of claimants still seeking compensation for cancer and other health problems they allege were caused by Roundup exposure.

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