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Selena Arellano

Clerical Assistant

Selena-RodriguezHow I help you: I do multiple tasks for different people in the office. I’m a clerical assistant to the case managers and attorneys. I am also an intake specialist to help our regulars when they are very busy. Also, I do reception for a couple hours daily to help make sure our phones are covered and all calls are answered.

Background: After graduating high school I attended Wayne Community College for my Associates Degree in Business Administration. However, I’ve always had a passion for criminal justice and law. I was more than excited when I was offered the job with Riddle & Brantley because it makes my experience with law expand and I am thankful to learn so much more day by day.

Why I like working at Riddle Brantley: I absolutely enjoy working at Riddle & Brantley for multiple reasons. My coworkers are the best and the environment is very friendly. We strive each and every day to do what we can for our clients and help them in the best way possible. Everyone puts in the effort to satisfy our clients and keep them as our number one priority. The teamwork is awesome. Everyone is so great at helping each other out under any circumstances. We put a lot of dedication and effort into our jobs to be the best for Riddle & Brantley.

What I like to do in my free time:  My free time consists of spending as much time as I can and doing as many activities as I can with my two year old daughter. She is my motivation and I do my best to succeed for her. We like to go to the park, the beach, visit family and explore new adventures. We love to spend time with our family and just have an all-around memorable and fun time! Together, we also enjoy reading, taking long walks, shopping, coloring and watching movies. Family time is the best time!