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Social Security Appeals Office Backlogged by More than 1 Million Claims

Dan Brian   |  November 7, 2014   |  

The notion that one simply submits an application to the Social Security Administration and receives federal aid is an idealistic one at best.

While Social Security does exist to provide the elderly and disabled with financial assistance, it is becoming more of a struggle for those who are truly in need of this aid to break through the bureaucratic roadblocks set up to weed out those who are trying to game the system.

The truth is, while Social Security does its best to provide benefits to those in need, it is backlogged with about 990,399 claims at the moment. These claims are appeals on appeals, and they top the notorious backlogs of the Department of Veterans Affairs, where 526,000 people are currently awaiting benefits decisions.

The situation is dire for applicants who are unable to work and truly have disabilities that preclude them from making enough money to live. This backlogged office means that applicants waiting to resolve their appeal had been denied benefits twice by lower-ranking officials who did not believe they were disabled enough to receive their monthly check. Sadly, it can take a mistake as simple as a paperwork error to prompt a denial, then an applicant must begin the appeals process and hope they don’t become the next in a line more than one million claims deep.

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