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Veterans Seek to Block Bankruptcy Filing in 3M Earplugs Litigation

August 19, 2022   |  
3M Aims to Minimize Earplugs Lawsuit Liability with Subsidiary Bankruptcy A group of veterans seeks to block 3M from shifting liability for defective earplug lawsuits onto a bankrupt subsidiary to settle record-breaking mass tort litigation. Plaintiffs claim that 3M’s defective Combat Arms earplugs caused serious hearing loss and tinnitus among...
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3M Subsidiary Files for Bankruptcy in Bid to Resolve Earplugs Claims

July 29, 2022   |  
3M Aims to Resolve Defective Earplugs Claims Through Bankruptcy Filing 3M subsidiary Aearo Technologies has begun filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as litigation for more than 100,000 claims against their Combat Arms Earplugs remains pending. The massive onslaught of 3M earplug lawsuits against 3M and Aearo Technologies was brought by...
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