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Personal Injury Lawsuit Waiting to Happen? Waze Shares Drunk Driving Checkpoints

According to The New York Times, the Google navigation app Waze is providing real-time, user-submitted reports that advise drivers about potential drunken-driving checkpoints on their roadsides. The app marks the location of police officers on the roads ahead or stationed at drunk driving checkpoints. This feature has Waze in conflict...
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Are Holiday Party Hosts Liable for Drunk Driving Accidents?

December 15, 2017   |  
Are you planning to throw a holiday party for your employees, family members or friends? If you are going to be serving alcohol at this party, then you should be aware that you could be held liable if one of your guests harms themselves or another person in a drunk...
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Are North Carolina Rural Roads the Deadliest in the Nation?

August 2, 2017   |  
What is the farthest you would go for a friend or a family member? Would you handle that distance on a bicycle? Well, one Wilmington boy was willing to bike hundreds of miles to see his family and friends. Unfortunately, the dangerous rural roads of North Carolina have kept him...
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What Is North Carolina Doing to Get Drunk Drivers Off the Road?

May 15, 2017   |  
The Goldsboro News-Argus published an article recently regarding the results of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program’s Booze It & Lose It enforcement campaign. The campaign is held every year and lasts four weeks. The purpose of the enforcement campaign is to get drunk drivers off the roads before they hurt...
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Are Drivers Under 25 the Most Likely Age Group to Drive Drunk?

February 15, 2017   |  
Per WRAL-TV, in early December, a 27-year-old woman was killed in a drunk driving accident in Durham. However, she did not drive drunk, but instead was a passenger in a vehicle being operated by a drunk driver. The woman, who was a senior at North Carolina Central University, was a passenger...
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SJAFB Airman’s BAC Twice the Legal Limit Prior to a Deadly Drunk Driving Crash?

December 26, 2016   |  
Per a WRAL-TV report, a teen was the victim of a deadly drunk driving crash in Goldsboro in mid-December. A Seymour Johnson Air Force chief master sergeant is facing driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges in connection with the tragic incident. The SJAFB airman was also charged with failing to reduce...
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Do I Need a Lawyer If the Drunk Driver Who Hit Me Is Facing Criminal Charges?

December 2, 2016   |  
In mid-November, a man from Fayetteville, North Carolina was arrested for driving while impaired (DWI) after hitting a pedestrian with his vehicle. Prior to the wreck, the alleged drunk driver was traveling south on Purdue Drive around midnight. At the same time, a 28-year-old man was walking north on Purdue...
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What Can I Do to Avoid a Head-On Collision?

October 31, 2016   |  
On October 11, a woman died from injuries she sustained while she was a passenger in vehicle involved in a head-on collision in Mount Olive, according to The Goldsboro News-Argus. Authorities believe that the driver of the other vehicle involved in the deadly auto accident was driving drunk. The report...
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