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Does PFAS in Firefighting Gear Cause Cancer?

April 15, 2023   |  
Research Shows PFAS Chemicals in Firefighter Gear May Cause Cancer Firefighters are exposed to large amounts of carcinogens from a wide variety of sources, from smoke and chemicals released during fires to certain types of firefighting foam. Recent allegations claim that firefighters may be exposed to yet another source of...
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AFFF Cancer Lawsuits: February 2023 Update

February 3, 2023   |  
AFFF Cancer Lawsuits Move Toward Trial New cases in AFFF firefighting foam multidistrict litigation (MDL) continue to climb as the first bellwether trial approaches. The AFFF firefighting foam MDL topped 3,380 individual cases in January 2023 after a new study clarified links between the substance and cancer-related deaths. The first...
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